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  1. Jabari Jumps is beautifully illustrated and has earned many awards. To be clear, I'm thankful for representation and admire her work. I'm just thinking about the implied problem aloud. Simply put, Black creators are Sisyphus and may never have the opportunity to make up ground. I wonder if race/color SHOULD be immaterial in these cases. I recall a Black History professor at a college I attended was white. He went to a prestigious school. I assumed he was qualified and capable of teaching the subject. Years later, I would reevaluate my assumptions when I met a credentialed
  2. TLDR: In a count of 2017 Children's Books, 49 books appearing to feature Black leads had no Black creator involved. These books non-Black authored books by far outpace Black authored works in sales, professional reviews, and awards. Thoughts?
  3. In the recent social awareness of Black conditions, I want to voice some observations as a Black children's book author. It's just off the top of my head, so forgive me if it turns into a rant. A Black authored, Black published, Black distributed project is unlikely to have the capital (money, network, recognition) to market itself against non-Black authored, non-Black published projects. A simple google search for Black children's books today produced ads from B&N and Urban Outfitters(!). I suppose we should be happy for Black content, but I could never hope to "outbid" tho
  4. Sorry, I should have been specific. That offer was @daniellegfny. I don't think I'm anywhere near the experience level of contributing to an established site. Also, the note I sent shows your name and avatar in my messages. It's marked unread. I sent it through your profile.
  5. daniellegfny I haven't used WordPress, but I hear it is very accessible if you are patient. I made my page in notepad with lots of trial and error. This approach requires much more patience, but I have more control. I can talk you through basic HTML and CSS if you'd like assistance. I also want to echo Tony's suggestion to use external companies for some of the trickier parts like shopping carts. Your visitors will have more confidence seeing a familiar company associated with their purchases. Also, why reinvent the wheel? Tony could have made this message board, but so
  6. This is a really good idea! I started exploring the technical requirements of adding audio clips to an ebook. But in my research the pronunciations differ greatly from dialect to dialect. It's something like a Boston accent to a Mississippi accent. So, I may try to include several variations. Your review was great. You missed the window where it was free (they only allow a few days in a row). Can a reimburse you for the purchase? Also, does anyone know if GoodRead reviews appear on Amazon? I thought Amazon owns GoodReads. It seems they would benefit by having
  7. Thank you so much for the positive review, daniellegfny!
  8. She has the straightest hair I have ever seen.
  9. By both sides, I was referring to the Black/white people dichotomy I felt was implied. But that was just a personal observation, nothing in particular presented to be addressed. I appreciate your perspective. But just to challenge you (I'm not completely sure of my position yet): Could your effort to not waste time also be perceived as a form of indifference? Do we have some level of obligation to the "85ers" (both the ignorant and the indifferent among us)? Like many other, I think my motivation to teach or make books is tempered by feelings of inefficacy. Stude
  10. I know Five Percenters use a similar sleep analogy. The doctrine claims both sides are sleeping. What is the significance of distinguishing ignorance and indifference?
  11. I'm reluctant to add to this conversation, so I'll be brief. I think much of what feels (at least to me) as extreme statements about Black people is really born from frustration and a sincere (and maybe desperate) desire for change. I suspect Black separatists and critics of Black peoples share a common motivation: forcing change. We don't want simple answers, but we don't have time for pondering the complex ones. A hand around my throat triggers a reflex to strike, not contemplate legislation strategies. I write this to say: I'm not sure I believe everything writt
  12. Countries have split into two with less cause. Does anyone else see actual division on the horizon?
  13. Interesting responses. I admit I have to stop myself sometimes from making superficial judgments. It doesn't take long for me to remember skin color is not a reliable indication of one's allegiance to a culture. A Black woman in a MAGA hat (I've seen it!) may not likely have more in common with me than, say, a Latinx or Asian woman raised outside of the USA. I don't mind taking pleasure in seeing an impressive Black couple like Barrack and Michelle. But I also recognize my reaction is based on appreciating the odds they must overcome to find on another. Being a Black male in s
  14. Great interview! I appreciated learning about the history of this place in the creator's own words. A fortunate intersection of skills benefits us all.
  15. I appreciate your respective points, @daniellegfny and @Troy. Dick and Jane (or any projection of American values within a nuclear family) would feel at arm's length from my youth and the experiences of most of the Black children I've encountered. I am happy race and color may not affect some of us as immediately as others, but we should all be mindful of those most affected by cultural marginalization. Just recognizing the plurality in your use of the word parents, Danielle, could be a starting point for understanding. I believe it's much more than a marketing issue.
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