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  1. Thanks. We obviously see what we are doing as something positive; especially for family members of victims still seeking justice. There is nothing worse that feeling as if the world has moved on while you're still fighting to get justice. This serves as an encyclopedia and reminder of systemic issues with police and the African-American community.
  2. That's why we included the extensive list of social justice organizations so people can get involved and do something.
  3. I don't think so. It seems to be just Audible according to the thread.
  4. There is an ongoing thread on kboards about ACX stealing from authors with their return policy on audiobooks. Apparently they promote heavily to their members on Audible that they can exchange book purchases up to a year after purchase. In doing so, ACX would take the royalty away from the author and not give an accounting to the author how often this was done. Starting in January, ACX has agreed to only do this for 7 days after purchase; which is still not good as someone could listen to the audiobook and return by then. They are doing this in order to keep and expand their mon
  5. You should offer free copies if you are looking for reviews.
  6. SAY THEIR NAMES: 101 UNARMED BLACK WOMEN, MEN & CHILDREN KILLED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT New Book Chronicles History of Police Slayings From 1920-2020 [Dateline: LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, December 14, 2020] Why is a statement about lives having value, controversial? As SNL's Michael Che stated in his standup, "Black Lives Matter. Just Matter.” “Say Their Names: 101 Unarmed Black Women, Men and Children Killed By Law Enforcement” is a newly released book which documents the stories of some who have lost they lives to police violence. George Floyd's murder was a
  7. Your post is quite lengthy and many may not attempt to read it all. But I have to say, why not us? Obama gave reparations to the Native Americans (4.5 billion) while in office. America gave reparations to the Japanese. The Germans gave reparations to the Jewish community.
  8. I thought this would be a good thread to post in this category as the killing of black people is all about race. Our book is releasing December 15. It is more of an encyclopedia and not a complete record (unfortunately). It does include over 200 social justice organizations listed, as well as the history of policing in America. It's available on all platforms.
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