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  1. Hmm... I get the point of the placcard, but still the world won't be destroyed if there's no evil destroying it in the first place in literal terms. Ha ha ha. Speaking if the Penn State issue, I'd rather listen to the reason why they didn't stop the coach even when they knew about it first before saying anything else. Just to be on the safe side because I find answering in such a state is like gossiping already.
  2. Let me guess boitumelo, did you get the idea of this thread from the previous episode of curiosity on discover channel with their episode "DID GOD CREATE THE UNIVERSE?" It was a very good episode along with the commentaries of Stephen Hawking himself. That guy's really amazing.
  3. Way to go! I think this will really make this forum famous. Can't wait to have more other people joining in our discussions in here in our community.
  4. Hear hear! News is just news and doesn't have to be really interesting, I agree. I look your idea Cynique on what people do when reality becomes depressing, that sounds like an eye opener to me. A reality people wouldn't seem to talk about or notice. Any new tidbit by the way?
  5. I've been reading your discussions about it here as well as from other forum and frankly I'ms starting to want to order one too. I love books that are like this. To be honest, I didn't know that the title was from the bible until Hickson mentioned it.
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