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  1. If "blacks of slaves descendent " born in America can (rightfully so) claim the United States of America to be their inherited country; the idea of framing themselves within the walls of a "community" is as aberrant as it can be then... How can one creates a community within a country that he/she claims to be theirs? By your logic, Americans as a whole should have a leader unless black Americans don't see themselves as inherently as such.
  2. Lol.... Bro, every time I hear this phrase: "Leader of the black community," I want to jump off a cliff. These so called "leaders" are using black people for power and financial gain strictly. Black Lives Matter, Maxine Waters with her chewbacca face, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson... They are all con with the same agenda.
  3. Does anyone know the leader of the Asian "community", the Spanish "community", the Indian "community", much less the Arab "community"? Why is it that blacks in America are the only one(s) who are always looking for someone "a leader" to take them to the promised land? All the while, they can't even follow simple rules of common courtesy.... How can a group of people as beligerant, unruly, rebellious, loveless as blacks always talk about leadership? It really baffles me!
  4. Declassified documents have some explanation about said subject! Some advanced technologies that we are enjoying today isn't the mere thinking or mortals.
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