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  1. I have a book coming out also, but I will let you all see for yourselves....all the F- the black man is very very silly...who was your father, brother, uncle, grandfather, who will your sons be....? You all are being played against us and us against you. Check the math...There are more white women than white men, are they advocating coming to the ex-slaves to save their race? Did the Sioux do that? Did the Aborignes, do that? Put on your thinking caps and think....why? Why did crack come to the inner cities, why did opium wars in China? If black women are so much more so-called educated than we are, why can't they see this? Carter G. Woodson, the miseducation of the Negro along with mr. lynch has still take even more root...genocide is the plan...and anyone teaching you to crossover is an agent...Check the TV SERIES. THE TWILIGHT ZONE...the book was called TO SERVE MAN....it was a damn cookbook....Banks book, is a cookbook for the dominant culture...putting you and you sisters in the damn pot. The backlash is already here....
  2. I look forward to the book - the one and only. Before I get it, I'd like to mention that black women seem to beiieve that they are automatically marriageable and this is not automatic. We can simply reverse those objective and ask for the same kind of women and say, 'where are all the good single black women, who doesn't want other women (lesbians, the other side of the homosexual male, who are not interested in other races of men, like not Whoopi, Tonya Pinkins, single black women who have not been in prison (they are also on the increase), women who are not obese, I like full figured women, but not all black men want one, so not only do we have to be in shape, black women who do not spend every dime and are in $50k in debt, let alone make over $50K, Oh, who also has a job, they are unemployed also as well as underemployed, and those who don't have several kids by several daddys, not to forget the smokers future cancer patients, druggies, and alcoholic, because many black women also are on the chronic, who's dancing on tables, doing porn videos? At the Players club? Black women should be very careful who they say about us...we all have issues and none of us are perfect in any way. White men are also on the down-low, unemployed, not all are college grads, or making OVER $50k a year. Steve Jobs wasn't white but his father was Syrian....there are white men in jail also and masses who are the a state list as child support offenders. Banks has run a serious number on black women. Before you jump the fence, what does the culture of that people feel about their own women...do they burn their faces with acid, cut their noses off...the feminist women of the 60s were not being treated well by who? Who keep them from the ERA, brothers? Do you have brains at all. Women's Suffrage was about who? Who burn women as witches in this country, brothers? Do you remember the Triangle Shirt Factory whee they locked the women (white women) in factories and a fire broke out? Who did that, brothers? Please....Wake up already. But I know some nice white guys who are friends of mine....they want their own women. They want white kids...they don't want to deal with people from their own group freaking with them. Read Tim Jensen, The Heart of Whiteness by a white author...he can tell you better. WHO IS THE PORN MASTERS OF THE US, and they are exploiting all the women....is it brother? SERVE THE RACE? Banks is a mancharian Candidate....pimping black women...on auction blocks in what he called THE MARKET.
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