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  1. Patience de Verteuil left her home in Trinidad with her father for what she thought would be a short journey to America. Instead she finds herself embroiled in a struggle between powerful supernatural forces, in which an object in her possession means the difference between defeat or victory. The Long Walk is a Steamfunk tale that will keep you riveted until the final word. "The Long Walk" is a robust action adventure, filled with battles, demons, and magic . . . The story's conclusion is brilliant, and I won't spoil it here; however, it made me quite anxious for the next installment in Milton Davis's Rite of Passage universe." -Nicole Kurtz, author and publisher, Mocha Memories Press The Long Walk E-Book is now available for only $0.99 until October 31st! Read this exciting Steamfunk YA adventure from the Rite of Passage Universe and celebrate Black Speculative Fiction Month!The Long Walk
  2. Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure that spans from the Atlanta suburbs to the grasslands of Mali. It's a story of a girl who discovers her hidden abilities and heritage in a way that surprises and entertains. "The story is great for young teens, but it is also a refreshing read for adults..." "I sincerely feel like I just read a story that is destined to be a classic." "Milton Davis’s Amber and the Hidden City is an absolutely delightful contemporary fantasy adventure." Order now and receive 20% off your purchase using Fall Fest code S0930. Amber and the Hidden City Paperback Amber and the Hidden City Hardcover
  3. Will do! Thank you for your support!
  4. Looking for something exciting to read this Labor Day weekend and the Fall? I have a few things for you. Enter Fall Fest code S0930 and get 20% off of your purchase! The code is valid the entire month of September. Treat yourself to the best of the Black Fantastic today! MVmedia: The Best of the Black Fantastic
  5. If you're looking for Science Fiction and Fantasy based on African/African Diaspora culture, history and traditions, give my page a look. MVmedia: The Best of the Black Fantastic
  6. The ISBN will be 978-0-9800842-9-0 for the paperback. The e-book has no ISBN.
  7. When the Bindamu invaded her homeland, First Hunter Nandi of the Chuiku (Leopard Clan) was chosen by her people and her Priestess to lead the fight against them. But does she possess the skills and strength to unite the rival nKu against the powerful empire? Inspired by the art of Shakira Rivers, Priestess of nKu tells the story of Nandi, a young girl destined to become the leader of her people and a powerful entity in the world of Ki Khanga. Get the e-book today or preorder your paperback! www.mvmediaatl.com
  8. Special announcement! The Priestess of nKu has returned, and is now part of the Ki Khanga universe! Check out my short blog on how this story was inspired by the art of Shakira Rivers then get your e-book or preorder your paperback. Sword and Soul forever! https://www.miltonjdavis.com/blog/the-priestess-returns
  9. Is your book club interested in Afrofuturism and the Black Fantastic? Contact us today to learn about our book club discounts! E-mail us at mv_media@bellsouth.net for more details. MVmedia: The Best of the Black Fantastic
  10. MVmedia Releases Post Apocalyptic Thriller, Gunman's Peace FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. - April 8, 2019 - PRLog -- MVmedia, LLC, announces the release of post apocalyptic thriller Gunman's Peace, the latest novel by award-winning Black Fantastic author Milton J. Davis. One hundred years after the Collapse, violence still rages across the region once known as Georgia and the rest of the United States. Warlords fight for control with private armies and deadly mercenaries known as Gunmen, and Moses Prichard is one of the best. Tired of the constant violence, he finds solace within the walls of Newlanta, a city struggling to establish an island of peace amidst the chaos. But now the city is threatened by a powerful warlord Moses once served and he is forced to strap on his guns. However, this time he's fighting for his own reasons. Gunman's Peace, first novel of an action-packed Gunman series by Milton Davis, takes place in a post-apocalyptic world struggling to build a better future by ridding itself of the evils of the past. Gunman's Peace is available directly from MVmedia, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and everywhere books are sold. ISBN-13: 978-0999278987 https://www.mvmediaatl.com/ Contact Milton Davis, MVmedia, LLC mv_media@bellsouth.net
  11. Sadatina, an Adamu girl on the brink of becoming a woman has lived a peaceful life with her family in Adamusola, the land beyond the Old Men Mountains. But tragic events change her life forever, revealing a hidden past that leads her into the midst of a war between her people and those that would see them destroyed, the Mosele. Armed with a spiritual weapon and her feline 'sisters,' Sadatina becomes a Shosa, a warrior trained to fight the terrible nyokas, demon-like creatures that aid the Mosele in their war against her people. Woman of the Woods by Milton Davis is an action filled, emotionally charged adventure that expands the scope of the world of Uhuru and introduces another unforgettable character to the fabled continent's heroic legends. ISBN-13: 978-0980084269 Woman of the Woods Paperback Woman of the Woods E-Book
  12. Before they were crewmates, Changa, The Tuareg, Panya, Mikaili and Amir Zakee all experienced their own adventures. The stories in this exciting anthology give a glimpse of their lives before the fateful safari that binds them as a family and changes each of them forever. Before the Safari adds depth to this fantastic adventure and expands Sword and Soul in an exciting and entertaining way. 'Every story is a solid, glorious hunk of swords & sorcery, and each one a discrete adventure that moves its protagonist forward to the time when he’ll meet his future companions. Watching characters we’ve come to love as a company venture and struggle on their own is a lot of fun.' -Fletcher Vredenburgh, Sword and Sorcery Blogspot https://www.mvmediaatl.com/product-page/before-the-safari-a-changa-s-safari-prequel #swordandsoul #swordandsorcery ISBN-13: 978-0999278918 Before The Safari: A Changa's Safari Prequel
  13. The year is 1870. As the young country of Freedonia prepares to celebrate fifty years of existence, a young bounty hunter by the name of Zeke Culpepper is hired by a wealthy businessman to find a valuable book. In the kingdom of Mali on the continent of Africa, veteran warrior Famara Keita has been assigned to find that same book and bring it back to its rightful owner. And in the newly formed nation of Germany, an ambitious Prussian officer seeks the book as well for its secrets that could make Germany the most powerful nation in the world. The result is an action adventure like no other! Soon to be an exciting animation series! 'Davis has crafted a wonderfully engaging tale of adventure, populated by characters that are fully-formed, lovingly rendered, and sadly missing from a large swath of published genre fiction. With an intricately-detailed setting, a history that is rife for future expansion, and a knack for creating characters that are both relatable, and easily assimilated into the reader's psyche, this is recommended reading. All told, it's one of my favorite stories that I've read in quite some time. Do yourself a favor and check it out...' ISBN-13: 978-0996016735 From Here to Timbuktu Paperback From Here to Timbuktu E-Book
  14. I've toyed with the idea of only selling books directly, but like you said people prefer Amazon for the most part. I think it would work, but it would mean fewer book sales but probably higher profit. I currently work with a brother in Baton Rouge who I sell books to directly at a discounted rate. He does events during the weekend and sells books and comics from me and other creators. He does very well. I wish I could find more people like him.
  15. Atlanta. ATL. The Rising Phoenix. The City too Busy to Hate. The Black Mecca. Capital of the Deep South. There, between flitting shadows and full moons, exists another world filled with dark creatures, demons, and immortals. Only a thin veil separates the Atlanta you know from this mysterious realm. Nine brave authors risk it all to reveal the crossroads of Southern charm and the Black Fantastic. Y'all ready? ISBN-13: 978-0999278925 Terminus Paperback
  16. Thirteen year old Amber Robinson's life is full of changes. Her parents are sending her to a private school away from her friends, and high school looms before her. But little does she know that her biggest change awaits in a mysterious city hidden from the world for a thousand years. Why? Amber's grandmother is a princess from this magical kingdom of Marai. She's been summoned home to use her special abilities to select the new king but she no longer has the gift, and her daughter was never trained for the task. That leave only one person with the ability to save the city: Amber! But there are those who are determined that Amber never reaches Marai and they will do anything to stop her. Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure that spans from the Atlanta suburbs to the grasslands of Mali. It's a story of a girl who discovers her hidden abilities and heritage in a way that surprises and entertains. 'Amber is the type of girl I would want my daughter to grow up to be. She is gusty, but not overly zealous. She is sensitive, but not a crybaby. Likes boys, but is not overly obsessive like a popular heroine from a certain vampire series. She disobeys her parents and pushes boundaries, but still knows when enough is enough.Kudos to Davis for this marvelous tale, especially in a genre where people of color are overwhelmingly underrepresented. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did and spread the word.' ISBN-13: 978-0980084276 Amber and The Hidden City Paperback Amber and The Hidden City Hardcover
  17. I signed up for Ingram's distribution service. It's costs me $12.00 per book annually. It's been worth it for me.
  18. 978-0-9992789-8-7 This one's not set up for distribution yet. It should be by the end of next week.
  19. Twins born to a society that believes such a birth is a dangerous omen, Ndoro and Obaseki are separated at birth to live different lives. One becomes a great warrior who is ostracized because of his birth, the other a pampered prince whose strange way result in banishment. Meji is an epic fantasy story like no other, a tale steeped in African culture and traditions told by unforgettable characters. Meji: Special Edition presents this amazing epic sword and soul fantasy in its original format. Experience Urhuru as it was meant to be, a single exciting tome of African-based fantasy. ISBN-13: 978-0999278956 Meji 10th Anniversary Paperback Meji 10th Anniversary e-books
  20. ISBN-13: 978-0999278970. Thanks for the tip!
  21. My books are available from my website and most all book venues due to my distribution with Ingram. If it's not on the shelf, which it most likely isn't, you can talk to the manager and ask them for the title. I know for a fact that I'm in the Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million catalog.
  22. I was introduced to science fiction and fantasy by my college English instructor who was trying to lure me from a chemistry major to an english major. It didn't work, but it sparked my love for science fiction and fantasy and eventually my writing career. Other Black people I've met were brought to the genres by Octavia Butler's stories. Now a new generation is being inspired by the Black Panther movie, Tomi Adeyemi's Children of Blood and Bones and a new crop of Black indie science fiction and fantasy writers that have emerged on the scene over the past 10 years. But why should science fiction and fantasy be important to Black readers?
  23. Raised in the streets of Sati-Baa, Omari Ket is a man that gets by on his wits and skills . . . and the attentions of a god. Eda Blessed shares the tales of the man and the mercenary as he roams the roads of Ki Khanga bouncing from one adventure to another surviving with his skills, wits, and Eda's blessings. Eda Blessed Paperback Eda Blessed E-Book The bad man of sword and soul has arrived, damn it to the Cleave! Eda Blessed is a collection of stories all about Ki Khanga's resident rogue, Omari Ket, a feared and unusually lucky Mikijen Mercenary, favored by Eda. Omari Ket is the anti-hero you love to hate... and love, oddly enough. Open THIS book and you are in for a wild ride. A ride you'll enjoy every second of! -Balogun Ojetade, Master Griot of Ki Khanga: The Sword and Soul Role Playing Game. Eda's Blessed is the perfect storm where setting, tone, character, and story all snap into place, creating something special. -Steve Rosenstein and Rodney Turner, Microphones of Madness Milton Davis brings us an exciting character who is clearly a rogue, a thief and an all-around womanizing scoundrel. His one flaw is that he somehow manages to do the right thing at the right time. Eda Blessed is a fun, fast paced ride, helmed by a hero...or antihero...who leads us on a journey into the quirkier side of Sword and Soul. Enjoy the ride! It's worth it! -Ronald Jones, Author of Warrior of the Four Worlds and Kitombo Milton Davis has done it again! Omari Ket is the personification of a Chaotic Good Rogue who you don't want to cross, but might want on your side in a fight. Davis weaves his understanding of African culture with his love of the Black Fantastic into a series of stories that will capture your imagination. You'll have a tough time putting it down. If you like the anti-heroes of The Black Company by Glen Cook or the reluctant and recalcitrant hero Elric Of Melnibone' by Michael Morecock then pick this up and be Eda Blessed. - Gerald L. Coleman, Author of When Night Falls and A Plague of Shadows Eda Blessed is a blast! Set in the world of Ki Khanga, this collection of stories about the roguish Omari Ket's rise from the back alleys to mercenary to a path of unwanted supernatural destiny is a terrific work of sword & sorcery. -Fletcher Vredenburgh, Sword and Sorcery Blogspot
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