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  1. Really ready to get the new bookstore up and running!

  2. I know it's been a while since this discussion, but I wanted to say that I appreciate all of your comments and suggestions. I am a new author and am also in the process of opening a new bookstore to be located in Las Vegas, NV. I am excited about this venture despite having seen other stores succumb to the external pressures. I am grateful to see you all talking about this!
  3. Based on the new non-fiction novel, "When is Strong - Strong Enough?", author Souraya Christine decided to create a show where people could come together to help uplift one another, showcase their talents and treasures, and reach out to listeners abroad. Since its inception on 2/14/12, the show has grown to over 1500 listeners. Why not come be a part of the growth. Initially conceived to be an avenue for women...the show has also become popular with men and has subsequently embraced that growth! "We will talk with new and experienced authors and/or experts who focus on strength building, faith, and similar topics. We will open to discuss challenges individual women are facing and offer suggestions to get them through their particular situation. The goal of this show is women's empowerment. We want to uplift each other, and show that they are not the only one going through it, and that finding the strength to endure is the absolute key to survival." Listen at www.blogtalkradio.com/never-strong-enough, or by calling 713-955-0516, every Thursday from 6:30pm - 7:30pm pacific time. Everything I write and speak is done so in "Girlfriend Language"...easy to understand...easy to relate. What would you like to talk about?
  4. Just one review: "This book should be on the best seller list for autobiographies! It is a very bravely written, gripping, pull at the heart strings, but at the same time encouraging book. I will tell people, to have a box of tissue handy. It is very, very, well written! I absolutely love the way after each chapter you take the time to give your now m...ore mature thoughts on those chapters in your life as well spiritual guidance for young ladies today. Awesome lessons in this book for everyone! Male and female, especially parents of young pre-teen and teen girls! A must-read. You can't put it down!!! Excellent, excellent book!!! Loved it, except that you lived it. God bless you for your bravery and willingness to share your pain to help others. ♥♥♥" If you haven't yet, please grab your copy of "When is Strong - Strong Enough?" This book serves as encouragement and strength when there seems that there is none. It details all of my traumatic situations and my long, windy road to redemption. People often ask why they need to read my story, who am I that they should read it? My response is simple: I...am you. I am no celebrity whose life seems untouchable, I am a real person, with real problems, having been through situations that some people only see on t.v. I can help you find you. All is never lost, I can help you understand that. It is not about me, it is about that young girl/boy in the corner crying because she feels that noone can help her. Many of us still have that scared child trapped inside. It is time to heal.
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