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  1. "Feign" and "Show Her" available for FREE--Today only! Reviews / likes appreciated!! http://astore.amazon.com/tlcu-20

  2. "Show Her" and "Feign" will be available for FREE tomorrow! http://astore.amazon.com/tlcu-20

  3. Greetings to you as well! Welcome.
  4. Well, this is all certainly news to me. I had no idea that someone who was racist against African-Americans would see someone who was actually from Africa as being any different, or 'better', anyway. Thinking that an African is worse might have been less surprising to me, I think. Then again, I suppose that if I didn't like white people, I might not treat someone fresh off a plan from Ireland that same way I would treat someone who grew up in the states. After all, the one from Ireland doesn't necessarily have a history of oppressing people that share my skin color and heritage. So, maybe the
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