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  1. @ Troy I don’t think she’s fat…neither thick or obese She’s a big girl Simple as that
  2. @ Troy Thick is FAR from obesity @ Cynique Your definition of Thick is on point And yes, the definition of Thick varies, but the overall description has nothing to do with obesity
  3. That's because you have no choice but to use a vibrator
  4. @ Pioneer That logic is flawed because skinny women have shape as well @ Cynique *sigh* Here you go with the generalizations again...you were doing well at first Side A Re-read my post Italians are European…aren’t they? And secondly, Southern Italians have Moorish blood in them…a lot of them are going to have voluptuous shapes Show me in my post where I stereotyped Black women, and point out where I said Black women are the only ones who are busty with large cabooses And besides them living as half-Moors, I've met white women who are voluptuous I said in the article that my book is about accepting yourself regardless of size Once again...regardless of size...which means I also depict women in various shapes and sizes But you wouldn't know that since you never read the book Side B As far as history, fat women were seen as a high social status In fact, they are still seen as a high social standard in East Africa Side C How you’re going to come up with the conclusion that my research is from a narrow window when you haven’t read the book? LOL...you funny You gotta read the book for yourself and come up with your own conclusion Side D Point out in the article where I said my writing about plus size women is an "original novel" I never said that You need to get out more
  5. Thanks for the love I think it’s the majority, because you also have brothas who are ashamed to admit that they’re attracted to plus size women They’ll sleep with them, but won’t show their faces around them Just like how the white man had done back in slavery I also wanna point out that Europeans are also attracted to plus size women, but they save face because there aren’t a lot of European women, presently and historically, that are as shapely as Black women The story of Sarah Baartman will show you how Europeans gravitated toward the full figuredness of a woman even though she was paraded as an exhibition in England and France
  6. Check out my editorial about which word in the English vocabulary is no longer dirty And it’s not the “N” word http://oosaonlinebookclub.com/?page_id=1737
  7. @ Cynique Of course... I'm just saying you're lying if you don't want some sort of feedback or even an ounce of appreciation for your work from at least one person Otherwise, it's nothing but intellectual masturbation
  8. @ Writer Girl I did read what you wrote Not once…not twice…but that lucky 3rd time I like repeating myself so you can remember the eloquence in my words Signed… Mr. Know-It-All
  9. @ Writer Girl Side A Look at you… …emotional Side B Doesn’t it make sense that you want people to appreciate your art once you put it out in the universe??? If you really didn't care, you'll keep your art to yourself That should be common sense As far as me being Mr. Know-It-All... I speak on subjects I know of and leave those I’m ignorant about alone, or ask questions and do research to gain knowledge of a particular topic I make no apologies of how I come across It's food for thought...you do the dishes Side C You can simply ignore my posts and comments and not respond to them if you feel my perceived all-knowing persona is "exhausting" You initially responded to my post...not the other way around
  10. @ Writer Girl Everybody wants to be appreciated for their art Otherwise, you’ll keep your work to yourself @ Troy Exactly
  11. Teri Woods, Wahida Clark, and Ashley & JaQuavis had made the NY Times Best Sellers List It can be done when it comes to Street Lit I'm just sayin'... ...only because a lot of authors from that genre beat their chests when they haven't scratched the surface and got out the chit'lin circuit yet
  12. @ Troy Of course Decoded isn’t dumbed down…the purpose of the book is to break down Jay-Z’s more intricate work People didn’t appreciate his debut album Reasonable Doubt, which is arguably his lyrical masterpiece, until he watered down his rhymes for commercial acceptance I’m not mad at him for doing that either Who wants to be appreciated for their art when they’re dead? LOL Americans have no excuse to not choose quality…quality is around us…sometimes we just choose the safe route that doesn’t challenge us because our minds are crystallized to escape Escapism is one of the reasons why the Roman Empire had crumbled It’s history repeating itself
  13. Jay-Z said it best in two lines… “I dumbed down for my audience, I doubled my dollars// They criticize me for it, but they all yell ‘holla’”
  14. @ Cynique She's not a reviewer She asked for a complementary copy of my book before booking me for her radio show...she failed to get back to us after 60-days when she said she would Her word wasn't her bond Somebody gotta speak up instead of acting too damn scared to point out those who did them dirty...there's too much ass kissin in the industry...authors fear ruffling feathers even when they get the short end of the stick I didn't have money when I started writing for fun as a child...so burning bridges in the industry doesn't make a difference to me I'm gonna write regardless
  15. @ Troy To be honest with you... I really don't give a damn I'm putting any and everyone on blast when they continue to do dumb sh*t after a private understanding is violated...straight up
  16. @ Troy To answer your first question…I don’t think so The book game is the same as the rap game where publishing houses want authors to already have a solid built-in fanbase They don’t wanna take the financial risk and the time to groom new authors And for the second question… …not that I know of Judging from interview of certain authors who were signed to G-Unit, it seemed like they gave the label throw away stories And which Wahida Clark interview are you speaking of?
  17. @ Troy You were the one who suggested authors should put people on blast who partake in shady business practices...LOL As far as 3 Chicks on Lit... ...it seems like they only interview celebrity authors, or authors they're familiar with
  18. @ Troy Side A C’mon now You know the majority of Negroes think that writing Urban Fiction is the only thing they’re capable of doing *points toward the African American book section* Side B If it wasn’t for Teri Woods, there probably wouldn’t be a Vicki Stringer considering that Shannon Holmes was originally the co-publisher of Triple Crown Side C Cash Money Content is cool I’ll be more impressed if they successfully break in a new author You can’t resuscitate a genre with the same old faces…you need fresh blood CMC reminds me of G-Unit books…only more organized
  19. @ Troy Brandie Randolph is not a reviewer…she’s a radio talk show host on blog talk She asked for a book to review before booking the show…60 days went by…no answer…so I had no choice to put her on blast I’m just sick and tired of the unprofessionalism From now on, I’m taking no prisoners…I don’t care who you are…if you screw me over, I’m letting the world know…point blank
  20. @ Troy Side A I'm gonna say this one mo' gen...LOL I'm not saying that Teri started the self-pubbing revolution I'm just saying that people really didn't take notice about self-pubbing on the "Black hand side" on a large scale until Teri became largely successful with True To the Game and B-More Careful I'm familiar with Jessica and Saul...on the flip side, they're poets Side B I told Treasure Blue the same thing that I quoted from your post I told him that it was a lot easier to shoot a load when he first came into the game in contrast to now Everybody and their mamas wanna write books without really perfecting their craft Not only that...but deals back then were a lot sweeter than they are now
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