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  1. I agree. When you start speaking to the numbers involving college educated black men and women, there is a great shortage of black men. It's difficult geographically as well. I've spoken to women from all states who are convinced that the only good men they have met lived out of state or in other cities. I completely agree with you that it's difficult to find a good man, however we as women should not begin settling for Mr No Goods just to have someone. We have to learn to love ourselves enough to be alone rather than unhappy, or else the vicious cycle of encouraging and producing no good men will continue.
  2. I must say that there is somewhat of a shortage in "good" black men, good men in general. Sadly, the majority of single men these days are not looking for anything serious, and if they are, it must come with benefits for them. However, I'm sure there is a large amount of good men still out there. I dislike when women say they settle for toxic men because there are no good men available, because that's an excuse to justify their willingness to settle for a piece of a man to avoid loneliness and looking as if they're not good enough because they don't have a partner. This is one of the main reasons I wrote the book "Stop Saying Yes to Mr. No Good". There is never a reason to settle for a toxic man. There's no reason to get in your own way of true happiness that could exist if a woman were to stop spending all their time trying to just have someone.
  3. I'd like to suggest my new book, "Stop Saying Yes to Mr. No Good: Get Rid of Toxic Men Once and For All" It can be purchased here: http://kdlewis2.wix.com/sayno2mrnogood A lot of the reason that we end up with toxic men lies in us. Many women refuse to accept responsibility for their choosing of partners. Healthy, happy relationships start with first loving ourselves. Hope you check it out!
  4. How many times have you asked yourself what you are doing with your current partner, yet continued to settle for the same situation? How often do you remind yourself that you can do so much better than the men you settle for, while you continue to lower your standards and date the same toxic guys over and over? Aren't you tired of singing along with and relating to all those sad, broken-heart songs on the radio? In a casual sex-fueled society, many have fallen into complacency. Women all over have lowered their standards in order to have a man by their side. In this book, author Karlicia Lewis gives women all across the globe great insight into the epidemic of settling for unhealthy and toxic relationships, ways to identify a man that will not make a good partner, and the tools needed to break out of the pattern of settling for men that are no good, giving women a chance to break IN to a happier, more satisfying life. Lewis shows women how to spot toxic men from a mile away, while arming them with the confidence and self esteem building exercises needed to set their standards in stone. Are you ready for a life changing journey? Purchase the book here: http://kdlewis2.wix.com/sayno2mrnogood
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