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  1. There was no one there to tell the men to be quiet and not disrespect you? I would think the individuals attending would know how to behave themselves. It doesnt sound like a professional environment at all
  2. Alot of the time it's the women who would rather not use a condom either. it doesn't just feel better bare for men...for women too
  3. Both partners in a committed relationship can carry condoms in case the other forgets. Say if you're in a committed long distance relationshp, a woman might want to keep condoms at her place, for when her partner comes to visit. and no, friends with benefits are not considered committed relationships
  4. If you're in a committed relationship, your partner should know why you are carrying condoms if that is the agreed choice of birth control It's important to talk about birth control before you even have sex with your partner so you know what to expect
  5. Kola hasn't shut up about Osama. She doesn't come here anymore because she is too busy on facebook and twitter re-telling all the details about being Osama's 'mistress' to her followers. And she's exploiting every bit of it.
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