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  1. Sister to dwell on the inferior is to become inferior, let's more into higher ideas, I wish you all the best
  2. I am glad to know that at least I tried You can only love & save people who are prepared to love & save themselves Hotep Brethren, Peace, Health, Happiness & prosperity
  3. I am of the opinion that we should close this chat with a wonderful apology from our dear brother Chris. I believe brother Cdburns should apologise to sister Sara, Why do I say this? Seating here in England, I am no doctor, I don't personally know brother Chris, Imagine now I jumped to the conclusion that he is addicted to substances just because he said something that lead me to think that. I could be right, however I could also be wrong and I am 100% sure that I am wrong. I have watched the videos on youtube and saw brother Chris. He is in perfect health and is fine. Good looking young man with total control of his mental faculties. It would be a huge personal insult for me to state that our Brother does something which he doesn't. This thinking can be applied to the statements that brother Chris made regarding sister Sara. Although he doesn't know sister Sara my brother states that she has PTDS. Brother this line of thinking doesn't make sense. Although he doesn't know sister Sara brother Chris concluded that she has some PTSD. It could be true or it could be false. We don't personally know sister Sara, she has not told us that she is unwell, we aren't doctors. We shouldn't jump into conclusions. Our poor judgement can offend people. I personally think this is the case here. Who are we to say that Sister Sara has PTSD? Any illness is a personal matter. If the person tells us that he/she is unwell then we can talk about it. To accuse someone of having this or that, that's not a very clever thing to do. Sister Sara has not told me that she unwell therefore I don't even think that she is unwell. Lets close this chat with a wonderful apology to sister Sara. Brother Chris, something like "Dear sister Sara I am sorry for saying silly things during our chat earlier" would be very nice. Leadership comes to us when we stand up and say, I was silly here. That my brother creates the space for new things to happen. Brother I guarantee it would also make you feel good as well. If you reflect on the matter you will see that it doesn't make sense to say that somebody has this or that while not personally knowing the person or getting the information from the person. Hotep Brethren, Peace, Health, Happiness & prosperity
  4. Coo, I happy to create one, we are aware that in the end we just want to learn new things and discover new ideas, exchange opinions, all good for the mind. We are all children of the same mother, and every family faces challenges, we just need to find a way to help one another and say, hey Brother/Sister you are being a little bit offensive here, but there is no malice. We are all black people victims of the same oppressor therefore like the branches of a tree we work together and love one another. Peace health, happiness and prosperity
  5. Brother Troy created this chat after I used twitter to ask him why was he celebrating christmas. I stressed the point that Christmas is an European tradition. If you study myths and psychology you will understand that there is no other culture that attacks women as Jewish/Arab Europeans do. Africans who insult women are deeply ignorant about their culture. they do it after adopting European culture and language.bible Hip Hop, James Bond etc. If you don't know your culture you don't know yourself therefore you will find yourself doing and saying things that are contrary to your very nature. Tony Browder an example of a man who truly knows himself and his culture therefore he has huge respect for black women. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRkN88x7tBU
  6. Brother you can't advance & prosper as people and civilisation without respect for women. You wouldn't be where you are today if a woman had not spent 9 months of her life ensuring that you had everything you needed. After your birth she spent more years taking care and feeding you. No prosperity without females therefore there is no point in attacking females. In kemet women were God, we the followers of that philosophy see women as God therefore we respect and worship them. We take care of them and learn from them. They are central to our existence and prosperity. We aren't above women, Kemet will introduce you to an interdependent relationship between male and female=Aset+Asar -Heru. You are Heru. Hotep
  7. Sister Cynique please watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItHbLahuPBw and give me your opinion
  8. thank you brother, we are children of the same family, brother, the, Europeans program us on a very deep unconscious level. Please look at the rate of divorce between black people, The reason why the black family is in chaos is because brothers are educated to insult our sisters. This is Dr Umar Johnson's lecture on how hiphop is destroy our culture. After reading your posts about cursing, he is right. Please apologise to sister Sara. Here is Dr Umar Johson
  9. Brother you don't call a female, a sister specially if you don't know her an a... le. Brother it is very offensive To my knowledge sister Sara has not attacked you personally. Intellectual conversation doesn't mean personal attacks and insults. Please be a man and say Sara I am sorry and apologise. There is no need for us to hurt and offend one another. We are children of the same family. Please please listen to what our elder sister says on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pufhWwFmnt4 Brother CDburns I am deeply disappointed, one thing is to attack a male the other is to attack a female . We owe our existence and families to our sisters. There is no way you can call yourself an intelligent man who is happy to insult women. That's not a sign of an intelligent human being.
  10. Brother if you offend someone, on purpose or by accident, if the person says, brother I am offended. You turn and say, I apologise, I didn't mean to. An apology is a symbol of mutual respect. If you want to have a healthy and long term relationships with people, specially people of your race and culture, you would try your best to show respect towards them. that starts with language and vocabulary. Mutual respect is the best of understanding and cooperation. Please read my post, as soon as you told that Brother Troy is an entrepreneur, I said I apologise, that creates the space for a peaceful conversation. What did you on the first time you saw the love of your life, did you turn to her and said, Hey sister, you look like an a..le? There is no way you can call a sister an B...ch or a...le. That's very disrespectful and rude. I am aware that black people are trained to use terms such as B..ch, M.. er, Gangast, nigga etc, this is the programming that Europeans use in order to destroy our people's ability to be rational and emotional towards one another. Please watch this and see what the sister is says, She is an University lecturer who lives in the US . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt8TP4A-60g
  11. Brother having a negative insulting word next to positive one is an oxymoron. The subconscious mind will pick the negative. That's why tv, films and books are so damaging. We need to have clean language otherwise it creates the space for incorrect interpretation. I am a very positive guy therefore I always pay attention to the words and vocabulary that people use. In England the term that you used is very offensive. In America it might acceptable to use it during a nice conversation, in the UK , it seen as offensive therefore you would not call someone who you respect an A"... le. People have different ways to deal with emotions that's why we should be careful and try our best to use clarity in our speech and vocabulary.
  12. Brother please reply to my question can you please clarify whether the paragraph below is aimed at me ? Your words "I see it all as a positive as it is real nation building. It is only destructive when people decide to be assholes and distort what is being written by other people in an attempt to seem more intelligent than other people" 1 I have never insulted you. 2 Number two, I got into the platform 72 hours ago, I was chatting with Brother Troy on twitter, I have no clue how this platform works, I don't just join platforms and put my details, I am very careful with my data. I would rather trust people first, Today I started researching about this platform. I don't know who build the platform, I don't know it's purpose. Not having my picture makes me an "asshole"? Brother is is very offensive 3 I have never insulted or used rude language when talking either to you and to the two sisters who joined the conversation. Brother to say this on public platform "quote " when people decide to be assholes" This reflects a high level of immaturity and lack of emotional intelligence. I got the impression that you were having an argument with Sarah that's why I used the term War is destructive. (Conflicts are destructive, I have never said that aabc is destructive) My ignorance about the purpose of this platform doesn't give you the right to personally insult me . I followed you on twitter and you could have checked my details. I didn't know the purpose of aalbc until you told me , that's why I asked a very simple question. This was my question What do you suggest Brethren? and you insult me. If you want my details you could have asked. There is not need to insult me just because I joined the platform 3 days and have no picture on my profile. That's just immature
  13. Brother is this aimed at me ? I sincerely hope that you are not insulting me, I love every black man and woman because they are family, However I will not tolerate insults, can you please clarify whether the paragraph below is aimed at me ? "While you see this as destructive, I see it all as a positive as it is real nation building. It is only destructive when people decide to be assholes and distort what is being written by other people in an attempt to seem more intelligent than other people. This is why I never disrespected you, I only challenged you so you would leave information about yourself and what you are doing because this is all available for the entire world to read if they want to read it" Do you have any evidence of me saying that this is destructive? These were my questions What are doing with all these posts? We should learn something or create something from this conversation. What do you suggest Brethren? I was suggesting cooperation and you personally insult me.What you get by offending people, a sense of superiority? Please check our conversation, I have never insulted or used derogatory terms to describe you or any of the people who I spoke with. Brother your behaviour on your last post is very immature indeed.
  14. So what's the product of this debate or chat or conversation? What are doing with all these posts? We should learn something or create something from this conversation. What do you suggest Brethren?
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