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  1. I hear this passage of Bible verse often in churches.I can't write the entire passage.But it starts out in Romans chapter13:"Let everyone be subject to governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established..."Then it goes on to say how right the government is and the subjects arte bad and so on and so on.You have to read the rest for yourself. Now I got a real problem with this.Everytime a government does something terrible to her citizens, it doesn't mean that that government is right or what they are doing is initiated by God.There is such a thing as a wicked ruler The Bible speaks about that too. Explain why Jesus was hung on the cross by the Roman authorities,along with the jewish "church".Explain why Hitler murdered 6million jews. Explain why America enslaved and murdered Africans. This American government is wicked, ands that is why we have and can't seem to get rid of this wicked ruler, named Donald Trump. Also refer to the other thread,"Is America the Beast in Revelations?
  2. The fact that witnesses say that she knocked on the door before entering his apartment indicates that she knew what she was doing when she came to his apartment She came there deliberately to get this man and the police department also when they got the search warrant to search it .From what I heard the whole thing was a setup. And I just believe he was targeted because he and his family were Haitians.
  3. Actually, I care nothing about the NFL.I care more about blacks and their heritage and history than the NFL.For all I care,African American men could get their own NFL and black people should invest in that.
  4. While we are on the subject of the way black men are treated in college, let's not forget the black women also.Remember that black girl at Yale University who the cops came after while she was sleeping and working on a term paper.And you must not forget that these women are also raising children by themselves.
  5. In response to America being a Beast:this is a evil and wicked country.The ruling class are hateful and racist to people of color.They treat poor people and sick people bad.Innocent people are being gunned down by homegrown terrorists.The policemen are just as bad as the Gestapo police of Nazi Germany, slaughtering innocent people all over the country.This is not so nice of a nation at all.No wonder they call it the beast and some people refer to it as "Mystery Babylon" just like in the Bible.
  6. Speaking of fines,I remember the house I was living in,I had to move my car from one side of the street to the other every 12 hours.This was not only inconvenient in a residential neighborhood,but I think that the fines were ridiculous too.And I also noticed Black policemen being treated differently than whites They were almost treated as unfairly as the black citizens.
  7. Every body is not "college" material and just because they are, it doesn't mean that they contribute to poverty eitherAnd everybody isn't going to be successful as professional empolyees . Some people are going to be unskilled and semi-skilled laborers making minimum wages.Where I live the so-called bosses (or modernday slave masters), violate the workers civil rights and OSHA rights as well,making it an unsafe working environment.People can't work under those conditions.whatever work a person does they can make a contribution to society. If you say most White people are evil that's not racism, it's a fact. So what do we do when Ben Carson goes up on the rent ,making people poorer than they already are?And when the Republicans cut $800,000,000 from Medicare,what do we do about that?
  8. Blaming poor people for poverty is like blaming the Jews for the Holocaust, and African slaves for Slavery, victimizing the victim.Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but Donald Trump is still the president. What are we poor people to do?
  9. Black women should be angry. They have been used and sh___td on enough to be angry.
  10. I think that we would have another 911 attack given his hatred against Muslims.We would have some kind of war because he seems to like nuclear weapons and encourages some countries to build them.We wouldn't be able to use our freedom of speech rights because he told Chief Justice Gingrich to resign for exercising her freedom of speech rights.We probably will have another Civil War with Mexico like the Alamo years ago in Texas.I learned a lot at the DNC Convention.I know Donald Trump was a "pig" but I didn't know he was that greedy that he wouldn't pay his workers.Now he's crying about people telling lies on him.On top of being stupid, ignorant and arrogant, he's too weak to be president of the U.S.
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