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  1. You know, I suspected the "Cynique" angle, but wasn't sure. Could have just been your real name. Funny but my family sees me as a "resident optimist". It's just me through and through. My purpose for joining this site was to be a part of a book discussion group (initially for my book). I chose AALBC because I liked Troy's email newsletters and because it is a Black site. I decided to check into the "culture, race and economy" section and "be a part of". Looks like it's not for me. From now on I will just stick with the Literature board. Thank you for telling me the name of the game. Hm, maybe
  2. @CyniqueYou say "here we are", "enabling white supremacy", "going along, to get along". Who is "we". Maybe you see my statements as platitudes and you dismiss them, which is your business. But what I write on this site holds just as much weight as what you write. And I suggest that you consider ending your sentences with an upbeat slant. Couldn't you just leave it at "But I commend you for being positive"? And, I'm sorry, but I am confused about one thing, I am confused about your use of Troy's saying that it's more about class than race. Well, doesn't having class include being positive and
  3. I believe that being aware of our greatness and progress as a people ought to be foremost in our minds.
  4. @@Cynique I have some idea of why various statues were erected. Of course, it is possible that these statues could have been erected as symbols of defiance. However, I do not have a desire to shatter the figures of their heroes in order that they might ruminate in their resentment from another defeat. I am not looking to rub my hands together while watching them be taken down a peg. I understand that you do not care to change their minds. My point is can we as Black people use the energy that produces our anger over what "they" did to elevate ourselves. I have not advocated tolerance of their
  5. I don't know how to separate out another blogger's opinion other than this way: Troy you stated "Tearing down statues is not going to change the minds of racists". I think you make a good point. I see tolerance as a way toward changing minds. I personally know a young white man whose parents raised him as a white supremacist. When I met him he was about 21. We would see each other from time to time in a discussion group. I watched him change. He came to realize that people were just people. None of them were better than or less than. It was like watching his face light up. That was something h
  6. Haha. Troy, Yes, my father is Eddie Green. He and "Rochester" (Eddie Anderson) were friends. My father was on one or two Jack Benny programs with "Rochester". And "Rochester" was on a couple of Duffy's Tavern shows where my father portrayed Eddie, the waiter which was a major character in the program much like the "Rochester" character. As a matter of fact one of the newspaper headlines read "Eddie Green and "Rochester" Steal the Show". Troy you used the word "seminal". My father, Eddie Green, was a seminal figure also in regard to his role as Eddie the waiter in Duffy's Tavern. I think, thoug
  7. I have my Blog: www. pininthetush.com, I believe you have checked it out. And thanks for adding the interview!!
  8. Thanks so much for the follow!

  9. Troy, still trying to figure out how to utilize this site. For instance, here is a link to an interview done with me and John Henderson regarding my book, my father, Eddie Green and his professional and personal relationship with Eddie "Rochester" Anderson. Is this the proper place to relay this information to the community? http://jackbennypodcast.libsyn.com/podcast
  10. Troy, when I sign in to your fanpage on Facebook I see this pinned to the top: I'm signing off social media for good. If you would like to reach me my email address is troy@aalbc.com (from March) Then I see more posts you have made in July. In my Facebook page I only typed in aalbcfanpage (as opposed to the link you shared when askig for feedback) and your site was first on the popup list. Hopefully I will remember that I sent this message to you and I will remember how to get back to see if you replied. I seem to have a problem with finding the threads I was in.
  11. I am probably the one missing something. This technology boggles my mind. I am trying to set up my site (pininthetush) or a site where I can post speaking engagement dates, testimonials, reviews, links to my publisher on the landing page. Can I do that on my AALBC url?, which I just recently realized I had. Something like chopeclark.com's website (just an example). I will look into finding a different "design" for the .com I now have. Thank you for taking the time to help me out here.
  12. Hi there. As for me, my only reasons for not joining in on this site is that I forget. Yes, I do log into Facebook but usually to see family stuff, and I have only recently begun to "tweet". I am in the process of learning how to market my first book so I am also concentrating on getting speaking engagements and writing new articles and I blog. Yes, my publisher set me up on Amazon which I have no problem with. My book writing project was originally about inspiration, and I happen to be a Black person writing about a Black man. But I did not initially set out to specifically reach Black people
  13. As a newbie writer, I am still trying to wrap my head around selling books to Black audiences. My book published in July 2016. I went to the most prominent Black bookseller in our city and before I could finish introducing myself the owner told me "I am not interested." I was trying to figure out a polite way to ask why when he said "And I am not going to answer any questions about why." Besides the fact that I was crushed, personally, I was surprised to be turned away so abruptly. Possibly booksellers like this man could be a part of the problem for Blacks who want to sell books. My book is o
  14. OCTOBER 27, 2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACTS BOOKS@BENOHMART.COM ELVAGREEN123@OUTLOOK.COM Elva Green, Daughter and Biographer of Eddie Green, Legendary Black Filmmaker, Movie Star, Old Time Radio Icon, and Composer, In Person at Book Soup Albany, Ga. – BearManor Media announces Elva Green appearing at Book Soup in West Hollywood for the release of Eddie Green The Rise of an Early 1900s Black American Entertainment Pioneer by Elva D. Green. A good m
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