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  1. 's debut novel, Safe in His Arms is available for immediate purchase at http://www.tierraallen.com get your copy today!

  2. tierra_allen

    Shameless begging. I got money, I need an editor!

    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Seems like you're getting a little TOO much help. Your market would depend on the information you're writing. I also think "mood" is very important, what are you trying to leave your writers with when it's all said and done? That should determine how much information you share. The goal is to tell a well written story.
  3. tierra_allen

    Shameless begging. I got money, I need an editor!

    Did you find an editor? Among the varied opinions here, when it's all said and done, your eye (the same eye that knows your work so well) can only catch certain things, so it is ALWAYS a good idea to have someone else look over your work. I think it's a good idea and I think you should go for it. And I am willing to assist if you are still looking.
  4. From reading, it seems as if the act of responding seemed to be a "chore" to you anyway, and it's like mama always said, if you don't have anything nice to say...shut up. Lol. My point is, yeah, the message was typo-ridden but it doesn't stop it from being a legitimate question. I do like Zane's approach. It helps to actually start writing. I think classes can be very discouraging, especially for new writers, you run the risk of coming into contact with people who have been in the "game" forever. It's simple, so this isn't just for her, it's for anyone who thinks they may want to write. If you're interested in writing...do it. Not the best speller? That's what editors are for. Now I will mention the difference in writing for leisurely purposes and getting published by someone other than yourself. But if the interest is there... do it. That simple.