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  1. I wasn't going to say anything and then I read this. As a woman I've noticed (with a side eye) the "Show Boating" Steve likes to do on his Talk Show and Family Feud (White Folks defend yourself). I'm not sure about you but I'm Tired of seeing his Tired, was never a King of Comedy self plastered all over the few channels I care to watch. I'm assuming his 2nd Wife was disgusted too. Go on Girl, Get his Ass! Talking out the side of his neck about his over glorified 3rd Wife "Oh if it wasn't for Mildred(or whatever her name is, alleged mistress), I wouldnt be the Man I am Today" Eyeroll. (That made me cringe, that SOB) Visiting Prez Chump to discuss Top Secret "underprivileged" business lol, He's over there making Oprah $$, got a younger looker older woman by his side(Shocker, she wasn't Blond & Blue eyed). How dare he flaunt her on that 1000 Family Feud Episode. I saw you Steve grabbing yourself when she was brought out with the Cake. Popcorn pimpn, I saw you! Looking like that Old Uncle at the Family Reunion picnic that couldn't Help himself, but he did anyway. Sending memos to his soon to be fired employees "Don't look directly at me if we cross paths in the hallway" "You will be gently escorted by Security out of my Ofc if you so happen to end up in there to ask me about your job" Don't Quote me but that's pretty close. They said in court documents what she says is mostly jiberish, I'm sure nothing is going to happen, just a woman, I think rightfully scorned. I'm just glad he got sued. Take him down a Peg or 2. Im routing for you #2. We need another Black Talk Show Host, who should be next? Not Tyra or Queen again. NEW Family Fued Host, any takers? ...Cedric the Entertainer. YASSS! IN YO FACE SH! Like most people with half a brain and a scrap of morality. I'm sick of seeing people like him praised for their Fakeness, their Bad Behavior, their downright in your face disrespect. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. SPEAK for yourself... Who is this Steve Harvey and Why the F*ck is he all over my TV?
  2. Thanks for the Book Image. Much appreciated!Yep I happened to get Lucky, checked on Amazon a month a go JumpedupnDown when I found it and Preordered. 10 Chapters in and im excited, its well beyond worth the wait. Me and my coworkers are Huge Huge Fans! Their salivating over my copy as we speak. We always mistakingly refer to his Books as movies, because their just that good! I'll probably read his Black Birds after this. Also I love love loved Sister Souljahs A Deeper Love Inside, which is also another incredible series.
  3. Got a Copy! A day after the release... I've been waiting for this follow up for a long time... I'm not gonna Vent right now I'm gonna share one of my Fave authors and one of favorites... The Gideon Series. Anybody else a Fan?... uggh wont allow me to Upload Image too Big it Cried!!!