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  1. @Troy I came across Ganxy two years ago while writing my book. They may be a little outdated now. I discovered AALBC.com through book club research. I have been looking for African American literature platforms to learn more about the business and find more ways to market my book. I am very new to the book/publishing world. I published TRIGGER in June. I'd also like to start my own Publishing LLC for my projects. As far as direct selling, Amazon, and book stores are concerned, I have a few copies of TRIGGER in Nubian Books in Georgia. Also, I stated earlier that I sale my soft cover from my site. I have had the most success from selling on my site. With my two-month Amazon experience along with the information I have read from you and @Mel Hopkins, I will be selling my eBook directly from my site as well. Thank you for the links. I checked out the printing site, and I will contact you when I need reprints.
  2. Great Rising Troy, My website is DiaryofFaith.com. I concur with everything that you stated. I researched traditional publishers vs. self-publishing before I finished my first book, TRIGGER. I didn't have an agent nor could I afford one to get my manuscript to a mainstream publisher. So, I eventually decided on a publishing company that offered self-publishing services. I also based my decision on location. I wanted to be able to go and meet with the team. I learned a lot from the company, but I think I will be publishing on my own for my second book. I have been to writing workshops that praise CreateSpace for publishing, as well as Amazon's POD capabilities. I purchase my books upfront, and it can be costly. I have also been very indecisive on if I will continue to list my eBook on Amazon. Before my eBook was release I had made up my mind on listing my book on Ganxy, but after discussions with those close to me and readers I decided to try out Amazon because of their platform. I have not seen the sales that I need. This may be on my part. I am my own marketing team and I don't do any advertising on Amazon. So, back to the drawing boards.
  3. I wrote this poem at the beginning of this year. I was at a point where I didn't quite know how I felt about love. I had fallen in love and he had fallen in love with me. So, it only made sense to be in love together, but it wasn't that easy... because of fear. The fear of trying and crashing and burning. The fear of losing love that we hadn't even taken a chance on. But to live a life lead by fear is to not live. I decided to live, and at every turn at least love. At Least Love I’ve come to the realization that love is differential. We all receive differently. We express differently. But at least we took the opportunity . . . To love. At least we fell in love. If I never had the chance to see you again, At least I saw your eyes. At least I looked deeply and tried to find the way to love you, Even though I cried. At least we tried. At least we met. At least we connected. If I never heard your voice again, At least I made you smile. Even when you were mad with me, At least I drove you wild, Then gave you the keys and let you freestyle. At least I didn’t mind, And when the bells started ringing, At least we read the signs, Yield and Stop, But before that stop, we explored terrains. At least we won’t be the same. At least it changed my brain. If I never had another chance To touch On your . . . Your . . . Your body ever again. At least I learned you were a lover and a friend. At least I found out what love was all about. At least we shared meals. At least we met kin. At least were real to each other, Even if we can’t mend. I could never be mad at you . . . Cause . . . At least we made love. Made sparkles. Made magic. Made a way to find love. Brought to life what we imagined. What’s greater? The quest to find love or the discovery? The messages behind love and the recovery? Maybe experiencing the love of others is what makes us more rounded. And we need these love experiences. In love, we were founded. The greatest disservice we could do to ourselves is not love, or be loved. At least love. This poem touched me. I decided to end my novel with it. You can read more of my poetry and the works of others in my poetry blog, The Poets' Corner. My personal blog and novel, TRIGGER, can be found at DiaryofFaith.com.
  4. My eBook is on Amazon. My paperback is available only through my website, but as a new indie author I find it very hard to get steady traffic to my website. So, I can see why so many people flock to amazon for publishing. They have the world as their platform. However, it seems like unless you are well known and/or already have an audience you are still subject to getting washed into their immaculate eBook/Book ocean. And you are right, Amazon is not advertising their books. Advertisement is at the cost of the author.
  5. My name is Faith Underwood. I am a native of Macon, GA and have recently published my first novel, TRIGGER. I would love if you could feature or review it. There is much authenticity in your book blog particularly giving exposure to the many unsung authors and artists across the country. TRIGGER is a fiction novel set in North Carolina. It follows the relationship of Selena and Alonzo. Like many of us, they encounter temptations as they try to discover their place in this world. Selena is an avid daydreamer that tries to escape her realities when things aren't going well, and Alonzo thinks he has everything planned out. However, TRIGGER isn't just another love story. It was written so that readers would identify with the characters. It was written to invoke self-awareness while falling in love. It is a contemporary and sexy story that is filled with plenty of plot twists and multiple storylines. You may finish this novel wondering what TRIGGERS your dreams. TRIGGER is a self-published novel. It is available in a softcover format on my website, www.diaryoffaith.com. The eBook can be purchased through Amazon. Author Name: Faith Underwood Book Title: TRIGGER Publisher: Self-Published Publication Date: June 17, 2017 Softcover ISBN: 9780998959620 Softcover Price: $15.95 eBook Price: $6.95 Page Count: 344 Genre: Fiction Sub-Genre: Romance Back Cover Text: Daydreams of an old flame’s lips, or cuddling up with a new romance, won’t untaint a poisoned love. In TRIGGER, Selena Harris eludes her problems by running to her fantasies, but reality is always on her tail. Daydreams can’t keep her safe from the dangers of love, jealousy, and heartbreak, or from living out her destiny. You may finish this sexy, drama-filled novel wondering what triggers your dreams. About the Author I am a writer, poet, educator, lover, healer, and a doggy mother. I have two blogs, "In My Mind" and "The Poets' Corner." Both can be found on my website, www.diaryoffaith.com. My current projects include my second novel and guest blogging for BlackGirlNerds.com. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much for what you do. Sincerely, Faith Underwood faithunderwood@diaryoffaith.com
  6. I really like this. I would love to feature you and your poetry on my poetry blog.
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