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  1. Hey did you know that I'm A Proud Alumni of 

    Medgar Evers College

    Class of 1996


    1. Troy


      I had two interns from MEC this past semester I'm going to shout them out in upcoming newsletters.

    2. Kween Yakini

      Kween Yakini

      I had a great experience there a lot of love all around.  I hope it continues to be a beacon of pride for the communities.  Also, I would appreciate any suggestions on how to elevate my current book project.   Peace be with you Troy 

      Forgot to mention the late Honorable Dr. Betty Shabazz who I had the pleasure of meeting when I attended school there.  Good Times! 

    3. Troy


      Also the home of the Center for Black Literature who hosts the National Black Writers Conference which was the brainchild of John Oliver Killens.

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