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  1. I saw an article before I went to bed that sounded formular to that moment in my life. That gave me a flash back. No, I stuck with job until a shift became available because another employee quit on the shift that I needed.
  2. Rich For A Few Hours I awoke this morning with a memory fro the past in my head so I decided to write it down because it was fresh in my mind at this time. Then I thought it would be best to put it here because they say what is put on the internet lives forever and most of you out there should keep that in mind when posting. “Your post will live forever and you can not take it back once you hit enter.” My story begins a little something like this and keep in mind this is my interpretation of how I perceived the situation that happened. I was on my way from work. This was at the time when I was put on the work or quite shift at my job at the hospital. I was given this shift of punishment as a do it or quite for refusing to work the 7 AM to 7 PM shift that my manager assigned me to work. I told her that I had two little girl and could not work that shift as a single parent. You see, at this time my mother was my only source of babysitting and she left for work at 5 AM every morning and got off at 1 PM. The girls had to be at school by 8 AM and got out at 2:30 PM. I was now working 7 AM to 3 PM. I had been doing this for about three years and the school would let me drop them off at 6:45 AM and had an after-school program or a bus would take hem to the Boys and Girls Club after school. I had the perfect shift but when you piss off the big dog you get bit so I ended up with the dead man shift. It was a 7 PM to 3 AM shift. I had just got off from work and was on my forty-five-minute walk home. I at this time could not afford to buy a car and know of no one to take or pick me up at this time in the AM. I was halfway into the walk when I entered the sidewalk that went through the churchyard. I was always told while growing up that you should always look up when you walk and not down but on this morning my head and thoughts were heavy so I was looking down because I felt down. As I was looking down as I pass the church I saw a bank bag laying before me. I picked it up and looked around. There was no on one the street that night but me so I looked inside it. There was some credit cards, drivers license, $1, $5, $10, 20, $50 and a few larger bills. The bank bag was so fat that it was calling my name. Yes, I heard my name being called. It sounded like it was coming from the bank bag or maybe it was coming from within the church. It was around four in the morning and not a good idea to investigate but if it was coming from the bag full of money, I could deal with that. I also at that time I was a single dad of two beautiful little girls at that time and I was broke times three plus. I took another quick look around, put the bank bag in my enter coat pocket and did a fast step to my mothers' house. She was my babysitter while I worked. When I got to my mom's place, yes, I counted it. There was $6500.00 in it. The first thing that came into my mind was the words that I heard in church that went ”The Lord works in mysterious ways.” Believe me, I needed and could use the money but it hit me like a ton of bricks. Keeping the money would be a great big help in my life but the owner is probably hurting right now for his loss so I did the other right thing and some might say it was crazy. But more would say I did the right thing. I gave the owner a call about eight in the morning after I took a nap. To make this short, he came to pick up the money and said thank you and left. ”Thank You And l Left”, I just had to repeat that part as it is echoing in my mind might now. That's right, no reward and no here's a few dollars for finding and returning my money. JUST A THANK YOU and he left. I stood on the porch as the thought of a new car, new clothes for my girls and a big screen drove off down the road. It's now about twenty-two plus years later. I can't for my life remember the persons’ name or how they looked. I do remember that it was a white (excuse me, Caucasian) male in his late fifty's at that time. Now if you read this little blasted from my past and think I should have received something for returning the bank bag, what would you have given me for giving you back you lost $6500.00.
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