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    Books of all types and all genres of music. As from movies, I will give them all a try but they better impress me in the first 10 minuets or next!

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  1. I saw an article before I went to bed that sounded formular to that moment in my life. That gave me a flash back. No, I stuck with job until a shift became available because another employee quit on the shift that I needed.
  2. Rich For A Few Hours I awoke this morning with a memory fro the past in my head so I decided to write it down because it was fresh in my mind at this time. Then I thought it would be best to put it here because they say what is put on the internet lives forever and most of you out there should keep that in mind when posting. “Your post will live forever and you can not take it back once you hit enter.” My story begins a little something like this and keep in mind this is my interpretation of how I perceived the situation that happened. I was on my way from work. This
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