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    I love science fiction so I'm always ready to read a decent science fiction novel written by a Black person. I will be frequenting this section for interesting reads. " Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier" sounds like a good read, but this should be common sense, especially when it comes to Black people. I don't understand the behavior. Of all people, Black people seem more addicted to Facebook than anyone else. Then complain about the level of activity on Black social networks. Like, hello, maybe it's because you are all on Facebook! LMAO! Speaking of science fiction, the behavior here would be a great script. I'm sure the author could have a lot of fun with that concept. It would probably be more like sci fi comedy. More comedy... did anyone know that Facebook has been caught red-handed using the data they collect on their site, to not only discriminate against Black people on their website, but also discriminate with housing. It's like Black people purposely sign up to an FBI website to be further discriminated against! I don't have the words to describe whatever is going on. But the irony is that's where you find tons of information that is supposed to empower Black people. LOL The contradiction is too much! I wish someone could explain the behavior to me. Just about any Black website I attend is like a ghost site. Even though Black Planet is a white owned site, I sure miss those days when that was the spot. Sentimental I suppose. Has anyone read from a Black sci fi author who writes about an alien invasion? I would love to experience an alien invasion from a Black author's point of view.
  2. "Dear Black people: Facebook hates you. They are Racist as fuck! That's it. " sparked outrage in a conscious group on Facebook. Not enough of us see the importance of moving to Black media. Then Black people complain that Black websites don't have the people that white media has. Duh.. that's because they are on Facebook talking about group economics and building Black businesses. See how contradictory this thinking is? Black people will support Black businesses offline as much as they support them online. What we have is a love story between white and Black people. A love-hate relationship if you will. (Black people still fight for inclusion) In order to build Black businesses online and off, we must first have an interest in doing so. The interest isn't there. By all right, this site should be waaaay more popular and good content hear too. So why are Black people on white media? If they chose to support Black media, these conversations would be null and void, and advertisers would finally start paying Black websites what they are worth for advertising and take us more seriously. But our people make taking advantage of us... too easy! I want to share this but the video played on youtube and not this page. Is it my internet or does this video not play here? I need to upload a picture because when I share this story, it shares my picture by default. Still sharing my image by default. I had to remove preview.
  3. NubianFellow

    White Man, Close To Extinction?

    @Pioneer1 I agree that Native Americans are very much like us and much of our history can probably be traced back to these people. I also don't entirely object to the fact that much of our own history can be traced back to these groups of people. In understanding slavery, it only makes sense that if Black people were already over here, then they would have become slaves once they were slaughtered after they fought. I have traced my own lineage back to Nat Love, who was kidnapped by the Indians and then escaped after them wanting him to join their tribe. Indians are very tribal people. So they must have been able to identify with Black people to let them join their tribes. I often question if we were the same people. What if the Native Americans were Black? As far as intelligence, I agree that Black people, for whatever reason, have historically made terrible decisions. I blame many factors on things, such as slavery, screwing with our genetic lines, buck breaking, trauma, and all the other atrocities that our people faced. But yes, it would be nice to have leaders who actually cared about benefiting the people and did actions that not only empowered themselves but empowered their people as well. But in the past 8 years, I have noticed that Black people have ignored the benefits of Black leadership and accepted having a "symbol" of power. In my observations of dealing with other cultures in the Northeast, it appears that the people who embrace and identify most closely to being Black are the Latino's. It also appears that Black people most easily accept these groups of outsiders the most. It could be because many Native Americans assume African identity. My uncle who passed recently worked on a board in a reservation. Besides having a very straight grade of hair, you could not distinguish him from an African American. There is literally no difference between African Americans and true Native Americans. And I don't mean the 5 dollar Indians either.
  4. NubianFellow

    White Man, Close To Extinction?

    @Delano To organize with my brothers and sisters and create a power base. Control Black businesses and promote group economics.
  5. NubianFellow

    White Man, Close To Extinction?

    @Troy I understand this sentiment, but not sure I necessarily agree with it. My fight is also against the system that creates racists. My fight is also with the actual racists and anyone who benefits from that system or is not adamant about opposing it. True, I wouldn't expect most people to oppose a system they benefit from. Perks. That's to be expected. However, until that system is destroyed, white people are in fact, my enemies by default. This is how I felt since perhaps earlier than kindergarten before I personally experienced racism. And though I was raised to love my identity, this wasn't something that was embedded in me. It was instinct. And I never opposed my intuition because, for me, it was basic common sense. Doesn't mean I will walk around being mean to white people and wishing bad things happen to them or even go around seeking my revenge for what they did and are doing. It just means that in my mind, I know who my enemies are. Though some people, including me, could easily argue that we are our own worst enemies, white people get it by default. I think the Matrix explains it best!
  6. NubianFellow

    White Man, Close To Extinction?

    @Troy I like your site. It has a nice atmosphere. I do agree that we need more. But more importantly, we need to learn to embrace Black businesses, products, services, and yes... black websites too. As far as many brown Hispanics identifying as white, we got a lot of Black brown people who also identify as white, egyptian, israelites, indian and the list goes on brother. I do agree with you about race being more of a social construct. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. In this reality, race is used to control conscious Black social behavior. Think about it, if our people are messed up socially, then how can we ever get anything together on any other higher level? If we can't cooperate with ourselves socially, we won't be empowered enough to run anything else, not even our own businesses. Before I make my next point, let me say that I love going to Black businesses because they support me the most, and I get the feeling that the owners and people who work there see me more as a person than just dollar signs. Black businesses are also least likely to rip Black people off, despite many of our people exclaiming differently. They had a bad experience with one or two Black businesses and then so easily decide that Black businesses are the worst on the planet. Once upon a time when I worked with mortgages, surprisingly a Black woman called up and asked me if I was Black (I assumed she was searching for a Black person to do business with), but when I verified, she asked for someone white and told me of her experiences dealing with Black people and how she was preyed upon. No problem. I worked out the commission anyway and made more money on the deal than I would have made if I didn't send her to a fellow white coworker. But the point is, when we are racist against our own, it backfires every single time. Now I do notice that some (a very small number) of Black businesses don't value their Black customers. And to me, that's buffoonery and coonery. These same businesses who didn't value or treat their black customers like people are the same ones that will complain that Black people don't support them. I feel that we need to honor our businesses that look out for the people and make more of an effort to connect with our own, for the good of all Black people everywhere and humanity itself! Scientifically, there may only be one race, but in this reality, we have acknowledged racial, cultural and ethnic identities exist and that affects the fabric of our existence on this planet. I would love for us to be in a position someday where we can embrace everyone. But that day has not come yet. Until Black people learn to embrace themselves, everyone else will not respect us as a collective. We will continue to be looked down upon as a group and continue to be treated the worst. The first thing Black people must learn to do again is what everyone else does... embrace our own and stop trying to be content serving white people, or our race will be doomed forever.
  7. NubianFellow

    White Man, Close To Extinction?

    @Troy It is possible that the article was written from an emotional perspective more than a logical one. Nevertheless, the findings speak for themselves. I only present a mere 'what if?' Could this be wishful thinking on my part? Yes, it very well could be. Once you read something like, https://www.nubianplanet.com/history/king-leopold-ii-heinous-barbaric-genocide-people-congo/ you start to want some revenge, much less, right in America, we faced https://www.nubianplanet.com/nubian/buck-breaking-heinous-act-purposely-erased-history/. Our history has been brutal. But you know what, I don't hold what happened in the past against the whites of today. As they say, they are not responsible for what their ancestors did. I despise them for how they still treat us even though they pretend that Black people have it the best and invented this illusion they call Black privilege to take the focus off of white privilege. Some tricky evil monsters. Am I racist? Perhaps, but the deeper question is probably whether or not I should be. Is it my dream to see white people magically die off and leave the planet to us? Nah, truthfully, I know better. The next people in line to rule the planet wouldn't be us. In fact, as it stands now, we'd be last in line to rule anything, and I am not convinced that the Chinese wouldn't be more brutal with us than white people are now. I honestly don't feel Black people are ready to rule the planet. I wish I didn't feel that way, but that's what my gut tells me. As far as Latinos being white, I think I would disagree with that. Not saying they are Black, but most have a higher mixture of Black. That's probably why they are socially treated about the same as Black people. Behaviorally, growing up around Latinos in the hood too, you can't tell the difference. I don't think this is all social behavior, but genetically imprinted behavior. Besides, I believe we mostly see white Latinos on media and in the states, but as I understand many of these Latin nations and countries are heavily imprinted with African Latinos. White Latinos are about as much Latino as white Indians. The report about unwed mothers is staggering and shameful. This also speaks volumes about exactly what's happening in the Black social construct. It is perhaps the biggest problem that we face as a race and culture. Cause these Black boys without dads around are now becoming grown. Not saying single Black mothers can't raise Black children, but my common sense tells me that's not going to work in Black people's favor.
  8. NubianFellow

    White Man, Close To Extinction?

    @Troy Separate studies have proved that even though our population is decreasing, our birth rates are not. This was not the only study done. For instance, this one has a chart. This post talks about death rates. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3984874/More-whites-die-born-states-New-research-reveals-changing-demographics-amidst-soaring-Caucasian-death-rates.html The only thing responsible for our shrinking population is poverty. Here is another report that backs up evidence that Black birth rates are not shrinking. http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2012/05/17/explaining-why-minority-births-now-outnumber-white-births/ These influences in mortality rates could be a definite factor in the extreme prejudice we witness when police annihilate us. @Del The majority of the stories are a part of an SEO campaign. However, a large portion of the readers is female. Facebook and Google do not send the same traffic. I am certain that Google is sending traffic to the least relevant content. Audience from Facebook is much more targeted. A large following also flows over from other networked content and websites. Also, much of the content has been removed. All of this affects traffic which is decided by algorithms on other websites as well as search engines. The traffic is diverse, however.
  9. NubianFellow

    White Man, Close To Extinction?

    @Del Good morning brother Del. The website is registered to me.
  10. NubianFellow

    White Man, Close To Extinction?

    I understand your concerns with this information due to the source. Here is a link to a more established website: http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/25/health/sperm-counts-declining-study/index.html I did check the information with major sites and news websites and the information is exactly the same. However, the only difference I noticed is that they do not point to white men, instead, they point to western men, which is not true at all. There is no decline in the reproduction of Black people. This is why I like going to Black websites. The good ones don't whitewash the information in the same way that some of your more popular and organized websites do (same companies that printed racist articles about Black people for hundreds of years). On CNN"S article, please note: " By comparison, the researchers found no significant declines in the sperm counts and sperm concentrations of men living in South America, Asia and Africa. " In contrast, I believe the reason why some Black empowered sites do like to exclude listing sources sometimes could be due to the fact that they are contributing to validating these sources of information as supreme. It not only promotes these websites, but also validates their findings. When we do this, intellectually, we begin to trust them as official sources of information, and not websites like this that give information from our own perspective. We need our own reliable sources for information verification.
  11. NubianFellow

    Oh My, Nicki Minaj

    @Mel Hopkins I totally agree with this sentiment. Even though I sense a tinge of sarcasm, your comment is so on point sistah.
  12. @Mel Hopkins Please share. I would like to visit these websites. Thank you queen.
  13. I am glad that you composed a list of Black oriented websites. Unfortunately, there are many that wouldn't make my list. Huff Post is white owned, So is Essence that seems to definitely have an agenda with some of the articles I have read on that site. One recent story Essence did was this one. MTO News revealed this clownish article (see thumbnail). They also did an article on why the Black women should date white men. Considering the speculation that white people are having trouble breeding, which is backed by their own science, it's interesting. I thought it was crazy when I first heard but the more I learn about the scientific aspect, the more intrigued I become. Black Planet disrespected their website and haven't done anything to even try and keep their traffic, which they admit, only serves as an advertising platform for their network of radio stations. AtlantaBlackStar, I'm not too sure about. I spoke with someone who claimed to be the developer of that website and they have held the claim that it is Black owned so I left it alone. But we have to be certain that when we support something to try and empower our people, we are supporting us. For instance, Blackpeoplemeetdotcom is the largest dating website for Black people, yet they are white owned as well. Our people drop the ball when it comes to technology. Of course, we were once the most technologically advanced at one point. But due to supremacy, which I refer to as inferiority, the jobs were more scarce for us in technology fields. It became the tradition to aim lower because white people wouldn't hire qualified Black scientists and doctors.(this article is enlightening) Low expectations became the new Black standard. As far as the use of social media, I am against it in many ways but experience has allowed me to understand its relevance. Facebook, recognizes Nubian Planet for the search term Black Planet which validates the impact and relevance of that social network. Nubian Planet also has a larger presence on Facebook and Google. The site has really gone down. What I would love to see or be apart of is the development of a Black search engine. Trust me, if I had the right algorithm, one of my sites would be a search engine. This brings me back to your inquiry about knowing technically inclined Black people. I know no one who has the degree of knowledge required to create our technology. I'm sure that there must be some capable, just haven't come across them yet.
  14. @Troy I agree with your perspective brother. But for Black people its baby steps, unfortunately. The biggest disappointment and upsetting thing is that our people are not ready to tear themselves away from white supremacy. I have seen posts asking Black people what they would do if Facebook went down and some said, kill themselves. I don't think they were kidding. I understand the need to be social, but not the burning desire to be apart of anything that white people do. I know a lot of it has to do with branding and everyone else' leap on us as far as technology. But we can and should be doing better. That's why you said that it's important that we establish our own media and I agree 1000 percent with that. But in order to do that, it's going to take eyeballs. It's going to take Black people interested and who love all-things Black. The most important media outlet we own today? Black people own and control no media outlets, at least, no relevant media outlets. Once you compare our wealth with everyone else', you notice how we mainly give it away to everyone else and keep none for ourselves. I don't know if this has to do with programming, ancestry, genetics or why this is the prevalent behavior of our people, but this seems to be the dominant behavior pattern.
  15. @Troy That's the problem with our celebrities. They do NOTHING to empower Black people and Black people respond nonchalantly about it and even make excuses for them not contributing their wealth back to the Black community. This is unheard of in any other culture but not in Black culture, and I would strongly argue, that there is no such thing as Black culture. No principles, customs, ideologies or knowledge that is being passed down that checks us socially. Pretty much, anything goes in the Black community, so much, that a Black man can date a white woman, refer to her as his Nubian queen, and many Black people will cosign nonsense like that. This is why Black men can attack our queens publicly to justify their fantasies of white women. The rabbit hole goes deep. We need to set reasonable expectations socially in our Black communities and we must learn how to control our own media. That is imperative. This website is a needed thing. Our voices are a needed thing. No filters. @Delano We didn't disagree brother. We both believe that you can create money or get rich by working for someone else. However, I would argue that being rich and wealthy are not one in the same. @Troy On a side note, I have posted links to your website on Facebook and Google if that is alright with you. Hopefully, other than branding, it will also bring some visitors and open up more discussion. The group on Facebook is called https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheOfficialNubianPlanetGroup/. It's a private group about supporting black media and networking.