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  1. Yes. That makes sense. I can easily spot pages that have a low organic reach but tons of likes. You can tell by the activity on those pages. If you have tens or hundreds of thousands of likes on a page but hardly any interaction, comments or shares, they are most likely purchased. On my facebook page I get more activity than some pages that have 5 times my likes. But they can't compete on shares in which they usually get very few. Unfortunately, people are addicted to the facebook platform. They have more users than any other social network on the planet. I believe their days are limited but f
  2. @Cynique Good points. The only people to suffer from scandals are black people. No one else suffers. Supremacists will be quoting this case 50 years from now to invalidate racism as they are doing now. Jussie is a supremacists dream case. The lgbt means the black community no good. They, like feminists, are part of white supremacy. I believe that even if he proved his case to be true, it would not benefit the black community. This whole case is trash. @Chevdove As much as I am no 50 Cent fan, Power is actually better and seem to push the lbgt agenda less. I liked Empire until the show revea
  3. @Troy Big problem with your website. Whenever I try to share an article on Facebook, your default pic shows up without the option to select pics from within the actual post. Same is true on my social network as well. That's a huge problem. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but on social media it's worth a million. Since we last spoke about it, NP has been rebuilt and shouldn't have lost any link juice (all links worth anything were properly reconfigured and redirected). It still performs well on other search engines but Google did a major update at around the time the w
  4. They are being a bit excessive on the Jussie Smollett case, but my question is why? I'm no fan of any agenda supporting the LGBT movement but 48 years for filing a false police report is beyond overboard. It makes me question is there is an agenda against black celebs or what with all that is making headlines recently. SOURCE - https://www.unilad.co.uk/news/jussie-smollett-could-face-48-years-in-prison-after-sixteen-felony-counts-charges/ ABC Empire actor Jussie Smollett could be facing up to 48 years in prison after being hit with an additional 15 counts o
  5. @Chevdove I looked past it because I wanted to give the black man another chance and I was hoping that movement was just a tactic to get elected. I had no idea that movement would replace the black voice or even compete with it. I was conflicted in voting for him but he was the best candidate and I admit, I only voted for him the second time because he was black. I am guilty as charged. I admit, it was a foolish decision. You would think Trump would have tried to reverse that the way he is reversing everything else sellout Obama did. I agree wholeheartedly with that. Tha
  6. I think hairstyles are cool. I do not oppose black people wearing hairstyles. I personally think that hair hats are silly for the most part. Unless someone has a sickness or disease that prevents their hair from growing naturally, it's totally uncalled for. Hair hats are odd because you are normally supposed to take hats off, not keep them on forever. Then there is the health issues of wearing these hair hats. It's dirty and unclean because many who wear these weaves don't remove it to wash their actual hair. Sometimes when the hair hats are removed, there are all kinds of stuff living in that
  7. @Delano Sorry brotha, I took that statement to mirror what Troy stated. I apologize if I read your statement incorrectly. I took it to mean that you were saying the children can't be our last hope because they weren't qualified or "woke" enough.
  8. R Kelly is a distraction. So was Bill Cosby. So will the next black man they take down. Understand, whether these people are actually guilty or not has nothing to do with them being taken down. They have been guilty for decades. But think about it, Elvis Presley's Hollywood Star is still intact. He's still the king according to them. Yet, Michael Jackson JUST died and even Oprah is on the plan to assassinate his character - after he gave her the interview of her career. Now we have a #MeToo movement that popped up out of nowhere to go after black celebrities in particular. Of cours
  9. @Cynique I hear you sista, yet, when white people replicate the hair they were born with, it's perfectly fashionable. I suppose that is because we perceive white as normalized but if we attach ourselves to our own perception of beauty, then that ain't nothing but rebellious. I just see a flaw in our behavior that we can quickly adapt to what they hold and value as beautiful but when we think for ourselves and make decisions for ourselves, we are being pro black extremists. It doesn't make me happy these days when black people get into office. I think this is something that shou
  10. @Delano I can't stay optimistic about that brotha. If the kids are not our last hope and we truly are the last line, I don't have much faith in that because I don't have faith in my generation nor the generation before us. That would only reflect that we passed down our own inferior behavior to our children who are even more lost. At the end of the day, they will inherit our shame as a people as well as our confusion. I don't see much optimism in that. What's really scary is that everyone says this is the most woke we have ever been but I'm not sure if that's so true.
  11. I overstand that the problem black women have about their beauty is perception. These perceptions are influenced by the media. Black men are also influenced by the media. Black people have been conditioned to look down on Black people. Since colonization the black population throughout the planet has been trying to adjust themselves to hold up to a false standard of beauty - an idea that I would argue is inferior to true beauty. Ironically, the false beauty is gravitated towards. It makes perfect sense because these false standards have been beaten into our ancestors and passed down through ge
  12. @Cynique The house person was also the least likely to oppose his "massah" or run away. That doesn't fit me. I am a hustler by nature but not in the streets. I am fortunate as a black man and live in a peaceful environment. The apology comes from a sincere place. I understand how my people have been psychologically attacked and pit against each other. I never want to come off as an enforcer of these principles or beliefs. I never want to make a black person feel bad about being black.
  13. @Cynique I think that's an emotional driven observation, however, you have a right to your opinion. Though I'd prefer that if I am going to be called a nigga - which I detest vehemently, please call me a field nigga. lol I always thought the house person held white people to the highest regard. This is where the confusion sets in. I thought the house person is the one who would defend massah any chance they get and knew the dominate relationship that existed between them and 'massah.' I don't feel like that describes my views. The reason I am presenting these ideas is to engage wit
  14. @Delano It's just contradictory to certain key words that have been splashed around to define white men. Some words I will reflect on are words like "superior" and "strong." On a post about acknowledging the beauty of black women. LOL If these beliefs were true then certainly I wouldn't be able to scare him off. Wouldn't that be more like "weak" or "inferior" if the man runs away from opposition? That doesn't sound like the confident and supreme behavior I've been reading about them on the posts that have been used to describe them to me. But I actually felt I went easy on the dude. If I was a
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