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  1. @Cynique It's interesting you say that because I have been looking for this NBC special about slavery that came on and I didn't get a chance to watch the whole thing. But the part I saw did describe men who called themselves slave masters would train the slaves to behave like barbarians. Many were raised as children to become savages. They would have them kill and fight each other, or whatever they chose for their own entertainment or amusement, and when they were done with them they took them back to Africa. These were people who probably started civilizations in coming years built on these particular experiences they went through. I can imagine the practices they and their children would dream up from this starting point, so it makes you wonder. In Central Asia there is a country called Kyrgyzstan where the people were once terrorized by enemies who would kidnap and rape their wives and make them new wives. Astonishingly enough, the people adopted this behavior eventually as tradition and to this day they suffer a crisis in which they kidnap wives as custom. Many of the women suffer from great depression and sometimes kill themselves because they could have been planning on going to school or starting their futures, which become ruined when they get kidnapped and are forced by their own families to marry the men who kidnapped them. It's customary. When people are terrorized throughout history, it seems, they adopt the behavior of the people who mistreated them or their ancestors. We do it in the US and call it "keeping it real." In Africa, if you steal something, you could have your arms or legs cut off in the Congo. These are the same people who endured the wrath of Leopold who cut off the limbs of children merely to impress his soldiers in which his small army is rumored to have killed over 10 million of the native people. So I definitely agree about them being influenced by outsiders. This seems to follow historically similar behavior patterns.
  2. @Mel Hopkins Absolutely and without a doubt on the arranged marriages. I have family from parts of Africa and this is a big problem there. The girls are thrown into marriage before they are able to finish their childhood and this causes a lot of depression and even suicide. It is also the cause of the spread of many diseases, such as a case where a "Hyena" (a man who is requested to have sex with little girls to bring them into adulthood) has infected his victims with AIDS and when asked about it, he replied that it was tradition. I was so disgusted at this. He did finally face charges once western nations put pressure on the incident after a journalist bought the story to light. https://tv.nubianplanet.com/watch/sexual-cleansing-custom-in-malawi-on-spotlight-following-039-hyena-039-s-039-arrest_qLCmIeBGwWKbyhp.html Some things are just not right regardless of tradition or beliefs and there is no way to justify what we describe legally as child abuse in this country. Many of the traditions and beliefs of various societies in Africa should be viewed as history and left behind.
  3. About Black people destined to be at odds with each other, I think that in the context of discussion, there is nothing wrong with having different viewpoints. It doesn't mean Black people are at odds if discussion is happening. This is how we arrive to the most effective solutions. Viewpoints change throughout our lives. If I was having this conversation a few years ago or perhaps maybe even a year ago, my opinions could be a lot different than the opinions I possess now. I actually appreciate when I don't see eye to eye with my people because it means that I will either learn something or educate someone or perhaps both. Besides, without reasonable discourse, how would we agree on which point of view is the correct one?
  4. @Pioneer1 I disagree implicitly with all you have said brother. Most African families aim to be American families or some other European nation at the end of the day. Yes, there are wealthy Africans but their wealth does not compare to ours. You are referring to less than 1 percent of African wealth. You pointed out their divorce rate is low. Perhaps the divorce rate would be lower if a woman knew her penalty for divorcing her mate was death. Enough said on that patriarchal system. You said their households make more money. This is fiction. I would love to know where you got this information from. Most countries in Africa are third world countries and our brothers and sisters over there are adamant about us "coming home" to help them build. Slavery hurt Africa in the worst way imaginable and they have never recovered from that poor decision of their corrupt governments. Finally, you said they outperform us in school. This is part is true. We have the highest dropout rates and we celebrate behavior that keeps us from excelling as a collective. African kids are more ambitious about learning than our kids and retain much more information and this needs to be addressed more heavily in the Diaspora. American Black kids reject knowledge while other races of children are thirsty for it. We also lack the discipline that exists within African societies. The sad part is that our children are super smart and intelligent but there is a problem embedded deep within our social structure that produces poor results. I don't say these things to put my African brothers and sisters down because they are me, but let's not be influenced by things that are propagandized and totally false information. As far as following the European model, the only thing I disagree with is doing things in the name of their god or jesus, which is a fictitious and mythical character that was stolen from our history books, ironically, because Egyptian mythology actually makes sense, unlike Greek mythology which is dumb in my opinion. If white people are saying that forced marriages are wrong then I can't argue with that perspective. If they think it's shameful that people are setting their brothers and sisters on fire and exhibiting cannibal behavior, I won't argue with that either. I love Africa and I dream of going back home someday, to the motherland. However, wrong is wrong and right is right. We know enough to call out the bs and we should. We need to stop praising tribal behavior and end the fascination of primitive rituals and cultures that keeps our people the most far behind on this planet. I'm for the ascension of the Black race. I'm for African empowerment. I will not cosign backwards behavior, simply because I love home.
  5. For the record, most Black men I know are good dads, they support their wives and children, they protect their families and most of the Black mothers I know personally strive to be the best mothers they know how to be. In the age of us waking up, of course they are not perfect parents, but they love their children and do their best. As a whole, my opinion of Black people is that we are unique, highly intelligent (in our own special way), have the best genes and the most soul out of anyone else. I don't buy the b.s. narrative that Black men are too effeminate or that Black women are thots and other bad words. But these people have an agenda and they have mastered the ability to make us turn on ourselves. The solution is simple. If you go to any ghetto on the planet, you will see that the crime rate is high and the property value is low. However, take any borough in NYC; the properties are valued at about 150k and up. However, if you change the mindset of those who inhabit these areas, the property values would shoot to the millions of dollars. If our thinking changes to a certain extent, we will have already increased our wealth without doing anything else.
  6. @Pioneer1 I have to comment on what you said here because frankly, this was a bad example: "I'm sure you remember that in the older days some of our grandmothers and great grandmother's were being married BY THEIR FATHERS to older men at 15 and 16 years of age! I don't advocate that, however from their perspective I'm sure they were looking out for their and their children's interests by trying to pair them with men they thought would take care of them." These practices happen in dark nations today and in all cases it's sad. When a parent makes a child marry someone to achieve a certain position or higher standard of living they are not looking out for the child's interest. They are looking out for their own and though this exists throughout our world, it's terrible culture. In some cultures they practice bride kidnapping which is just as deplorable. White people came into their land and kidnapped and raped these people's wives and they adapted it as culture. Same thing with Africa. Many of these "traditions" were created out of being tormented by white people. Yet we celebrate these things and refer to these things as positive culture, which it is not. White publications point out how backwards these things are as if they are so advanced, but fail to mention the existence of white people are the reason many of these "traditions" exist in the first place. Because their ancestors and them have had and still have a hell of a time raping our people and killing us off. I love my African identity - don't get me wrong. But I can't cosign bs. As a people, we must not. Arranged marriages destroy lives and many of these women actually commit suicide and become exposed to the most diseases. It's a form of slavery and it should not be our way. Do we have to become chattel slaves again before we learn that slavery is wrong, on all fronts? @DelanoThe Black woman is the most unprotected woman on the planet, but not due to the Black man not protecting her to his best ability individually. The problem is systemic in that there is a system put in place to keep us powerless. And do I blame the Black man? Absolutely! One hundred percent. Its only because I see the Black man as a god, which means we don't have the luxury of excuses. But our collective behavior is low vibration. And we need to vibrate higher and become effectively more organized, unified and militant in our behavior. But today, our behavior collectively, is the opposite of militant. We've become used to mediocrity and the men always are supposed to lead. But where are we leading our women too? We are messing up. If you are talking about protecting the Black women to the best of our ability - collectively, then the Black man has not only failed the Black woman, but he has failed his race, the kids and hope for our future. And I put everything that's wrong with Black people on the shoulder and back of the Black man. It's our job to repair what we have allowed to become destroyed. And if we don't do that, who the hell are we not to accept accountability, even if that means our own extinction, from which it appears, we will be the biggest participants of.
  7. NubianFellow

    Rich For A Few Hours

    @Troy LOL. Hope I wasn't being too candid. We all do dumb things at the end of the day. Reading this confession made me think of some of the dumb things I did too in my earlier years and I guess it just struck a nerve. Wasn't so much mad at the fact that he gave the money back but I think it had to do more with the dynamics in this scenario. I guess sometimes I am just a little bit too old skool. 🤣 @Willie J Moye I was being sarcastic to prove a point but I get it brother, you messed up. That's a part of life. We live and learn. If we never make mistakes, then we never grow.
  8. NubianFellow

    Rich For A Few Hours

    @Willie J Moye I have to admit brother, you were a single Black dad of two beautiful daughters who was broke! (Times 3) You also had a memory of the god you praise of working in mysterious ways. At this point, the universe was talking to you. You prayed for a miracle and you found a stash of 6.5k. If you still believe in that white jesus you worship, he answered your prayers and delivered you the answer to your prayers. Instead of feeding your daughters (who were depending on you to provide for them) the slave mentality kicks in (your religion) and tells you that even though the universe is finally in your favor, what you need to do is return the money, so you and your kids can stay hungry and some old racist white man can laugh at you while you hand over his money to him. In your mind, you were brainwashed to believe that you were doing a greater good for your jesus that you serve and obey. Even when it would be easy to reason that he was actually trying to assist you. At this point, the buffoonery is so pathetic that even Jesus is laughing at you even though he only exists in your mind anyway. I want to give you a break because I understand many of my brothers and sisters are in love with these nonsense religions, but bruh... you had 2 daughters! Shame on you! When your children are starving, no one needs money more than they do. You put a white man's well-being over your own children? Your story is a reflection of slave mentality. When the Africans came over to the America's they wondered why the salves weren't rebelling or trying to escape. It's because the white man knew one thing about us, which was the fact that slaves are made in the mind first. You have every reason to be haunted by those actions. Because your children could have benefited from you being just a little bit smarter. At the end of the day, that white man did what he was supposed to do. He probably wanted to pet you and say, "Good job!" Side note: Did it even occur to you to take something for yourself and family and then return the rest of the funds anonymously or was it important that he knew the person who was doing the kind deed? Well, it was kind to that white man. No kind deed was being done to your children. Sorry brother, but I have to ask, if put in that same position with all you have learned since then, would you still make the same decision? To answer your question about what I would have given you, I'm not sure. If I knew your situation and how much need you were in, I'd probably have given you half, depending on my situation. Because at least I would have seen you as a human being. Whatever I gave you, I would have asked you if it was enough. All of this is assuming that we look alike. If you didn't look like me, I would have probably told you thanks before I left while counting my money to make sure every dollar is there. This is the part of your story that sent chills down my spine.
  9. Here is pretty much the problem in a nutshell: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2017/04/25/google-overhauls-search-algorithm-bid-fight-fake-news/ Google is going to use its influence on the net to control what content people see based on what they consider "fake" or "conspiracy news." The average person might say ,"Well heck! That's good news because I get tired of hearing conspiracy theories." But then I ask, what more is a conspiracy theory other than an unpopular opinion or belief? If you limit one websites freedom of speech, you potentially threaten any website with similar viewpoints. For instance, information Black people consider relevant is different than what white people consider relevant for the most part. According to them, buck breaking is a myth and they didn't feed slaves to alligators based on the logic that they would be losing money. This is what Snopes proclaims. However, we seem to have accurate detail of these events and no one can deny the post cards that Snopes said "was in bad humor." It wasn't in bad humor, it was in bad actions by bad people. And this is our history and there is nothing fake or phony about what we endured. And popular to a new right wing claim that slavery was agreed to by the Africans, this is yet another bogus claim that tries to rewrite our history yet again. So much required information is left out with these pieces of biased information that it just simply becomes untrue. But nevertheless, the power of information is not a power to take lightly. When you share information with people, you change their minds, effect their behavior and beliefs and change the world. We too easily leave people with this power who care nothing about our beliefs and who we are. The problem I have with that is also the fact that we rely on this same information that we entrust with people whom we know are not fond of us. How can we not equate this behavior with some type of retardation or sickness in the Black community? Because, it appears to me, that Black people are the only group of people on the planet who allow this behavior.
  10. @Troy I appreciate it brother. This is something that has really been an issue but I was unable to find what the problem was.I will look into that right away! I will also correct the url's. Thanks for pointing that out brother.
  11. NubianFellow

    Invisible Black Males

    @Delano Really? We exchanged viewpoints and ideas without being disrespectful. She gave her viewpoint and I gave mine. This is how I have seen men and ladies interact with each other and in my humble opinion, this is how I love to see my brothers and sisters behave towards one another. What you may consider depressing - I consider maturity. There are billions of us and over 50 million of us in the USA. We won't agree on everything. But that isn't depressing. Can you imagine how ineffective all of our movements would have been if we all agreed on everything instead of being honest about our beliefs? I would hate to imagine what that world would look like. But that would be far more depressing to me than a world where we exchange ideas and viewpoints. Otherwise, social networking is a waste of everyone's time!
  12. NubianFellow

    Invisible Black Males

    @Mel Hopkins What you call ego massaging - I call my truth.
  13. NubianFellow

    Invisible Black Males

    @Mel Hopkins It is feminist anti male rhetoric like this that holds us back as a people sista. You have said a lot, and most of it just doesn't hold weight. Black men are not cowards in any light I have seen Black men in. For the most part we are honorary and protectors of our families. When you say the white man outsmarted Black men, you mean to say white people outsmarted Black people, if that is the position you hold. But this a biased and uneducated view of the reality. In saying that Black men have failed Black women you are saying that because the focus of African societies wasn't to build weapons of mass destruction to conquer other nations that Black men are responsible for what happened to them. This may be a valid point in some lights, however, this is one of the things that have differentiated us from them. While they were pillaging and killing the innocent, it simply wasn't our nature to do the same and therefore we paid a terrible price. I agree we should have been ready.. but I see much of our history through the present. You see queen, we are our ancestors. So what does this mean? Examine Black people's willingness to build together, leave white social media alone except for marketing purposes and focus more on Black social networks. But this is not normal behavior. Black people don't support Black people and one of the biggest reasons for this is due to how we communicate and network. Wanna know my definition of a slave? It's someone who accepts domination with no rebuttal. This is what our people seemingly do when faced with white supremacy. Remember, white supremacy can't exist without Black inferiority. In order for someone to be supreme, someone else must be inferior. By no means do I consider our people inferior, however, the behavior is very flawed and undoubtedly inferior behavior. This is not about men protecting women. It's about people rising to the calling. And our people simply don't step up. This must be how they defeated us in the first place. To put everything on the Black man, who is fathered by the Black woman is just as insulting to the Black woman as it is to the Black man. You can't put down a Black man or woman without putting down all Black people. While it is true that we have flaws as a group, the focus needs to be more on parenting and instilling culture, moral and value into our children. Because we can nit pick all day. Trust me. And if you don't believe me, just go to facebook to see the childish ranting and experience the whole "Black gender war" agenda. And on top of that, the solution, as many are putting it, is to date out. How quickly we abandon our own. Then blame the other for the current situation we are in. Our ancestors would be ashamed of this behavior. Every bad thing you can say about Black men, trust me, they can point out why it's the fault of the Black woman and what you have is a social dysfunction in the Black community that would cease to correct itself. It would quickly turn into the blame game. There is much fault on both sides but you can't fix opinion. All you can do is argue about it. Want to fix something, then go after the behavior of the children's parents who instilled these beliefs into them. Perhaps there is something fundamental that our boys and women are not being taught that could be the cause of the social chaos and confusion that is prevalent in the Black community these days. We need to go deeper.
  14. @Troy I created a fan page for this forum on Nubian Planet which is doing pretty good on there https://www.nubianplanet.com/aalbcforum. Some people have gotten confused but the sites are totally different in every way. In fact, I'm not just disappointed at what Black Planet has become, but I'm actually insulted. They were once the largest Black social network on the planet. Now they look like a WordPress site. (Who spends a reported 30 million dollars on a website to use a crappy looking WordPress theme on it? And yet do not advertise the site? I have my speculations of why that happened and how big MySpace and Facebook have gotten when BP was once the largest social network in the world.) And they are white owned which seems like more of a joke being played on us. Also, not too long ago I included this site in a review on https://blackpeoplemoveforward.com/black-media/review-of-top-5-most-impressive-black-media-websites/. It says five sites but one had to be deleted so there are only four sites being reviewed for now.
  15. NubianFellow

    Invisible Black Males

    @Delano I agree with this statement brother. It's their personal experience and it may be accurate. But this topic seems to be more of a generalization. If these women don't feel protected by Black men then that is their reality - but it is only their reality. And that doesn't make it everyone else' reality.