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  1. Yes. That makes sense. I can easily spot pages that have a low organic reach but tons of likes. You can tell by the activity on those pages. If you have tens or hundreds of thousands of likes on a page but hardly any interaction, comments or shares, they are most likely purchased. On my facebook page I get more activity than some pages that have 5 times my likes. But they can't compete on shares in which they usually get very few. Unfortunately, people are addicted to the facebook platform. They have more users than any other social network on the planet. I believe their days are limited but for now they are relevant. I do believe that facebook has somehow interfered with how pages perform on their platform. But facebook can be manipulated to work in your favor, just like any algorithm. Facebook has tons of stories on various news sites that has implied that they are racist which would be a big ranking factor. Google is another problem. In fact, I don't believe that Google is completely algorithmic. They have an algorithm but they also have an entire building with tens of thousands of human beings who can manipulate that algorithm anytime they please. Google has us trying to play a game they will no longer let us win. I believe the only way they will improve their algorithm is when we get tired of their b.s. and use something that's actually better than google - like duckduckgo.com which sends a considerable amount of traffic to me. Last month they sent me more traffic than google, yahoo, bing and aol combined. These guys just came out of nowhere. They are now my default search engine. I am not crazy about Facebook but I cannot deny that Facebook is powerful. It's simply not fair and for this reason I have pretty stopped using seo techniques to conform to google. I believe seo is a waste of time these days. I know I am not going to compete against these larger multi billion dollar sites and I used to get plenty of activity through google pics but now Pinterest killed that. I use a default pic on my site as well, but there is a rule to only use the default pic when there is no picture featured in the post. Facebook does have an open graph debugger that you can use that will let you correct image sharing problems. Most social networks use the same features to pull pics from articles so this effects all sites. Featured pictures are necessary to do well on facebook or most content sharing platforms. I think you just need to change the rule in your og properties. What I have noticed is that even if you removed default pic for facebook og properties, when there are no pictures available, facebook will automatically fetch the default pic or pull a pic from your site. If the pic is not the default pic you wish, you can always go on the back end of your site and change whatever picture they do fetch when a pic is not available from your ftp. https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/ It wasn't a problem last year because facebook would allow you to upload a replacement pic of your liking. They still allow you to upload additional pics but I think it might be a bug that doesn't allow you to replace the default pic. This is the current default pic for this website as shared it on my own platform:
  2. @Cynique Good points. The only people to suffer from scandals are black people. No one else suffers. Supremacists will be quoting this case 50 years from now to invalidate racism as they are doing now. Jussie is a supremacists dream case. The lgbt means the black community no good. They, like feminists, are part of white supremacy. I believe that even if he proved his case to be true, it would not benefit the black community. This whole case is trash. @Chevdove As much as I am no 50 Cent fan, Power is actually better and seem to push the lbgt agenda less. I liked Empire until the show revealed itself as a white supremacist agenda pushing homosexuality on the black community. The rate of homosexuality using hip hop to spread its ugly head is the worst thing to hit the black community since crack. They are not merely trying to cripple us. They are trying to paralyze us. As much as we hate to admit, a race war has been waged against black people. It seems to be happening in waves. The scariest part is that it has been disguised so well, the black community doesn't even suspect it.
  3. @Troy Big problem with your website. Whenever I try to share an article on Facebook, your default pic shows up without the option to select pics from within the actual post. Same is true on my social network as well. That's a huge problem. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but on social media it's worth a million. Since we last spoke about it, NP has been rebuilt and shouldn't have lost any link juice (all links worth anything were properly reconfigured and redirected). It still performs well on other search engines but Google did a major update at around the time the website was hit and I have noticed a trend that has seemed to target primarily black websites in my opinion. Though I can't prove it, Google has restricted certain sites from gaining traffic by their algorithm. Since this is a change in their algorithm based on many determining factors, it would be impossible to accuse them of being racist though I know they are. I believe these changes have intentionally crippled specific targeted websites from doing well on their platform and I am not convinced that all of these actions are due to an algorithm but also human interference. Even this site which has a high authority rating on MOZ should be performing better than it is. Though Facebook has also crippled content like ours from performing, the content performs very well on facebook based more on behavior than algorithms. But they are slowly tweaking that. My page got nearly 100k likes in just a few days, that was about 2 years ago. Since that time, there has been no growth as far as likes which is not normal at all. But the follows have somewhat increased. None of my other Facebook pages have exhibited this behavior and I even have a page with no content on it that gets likes daily. But on my biggest page, even if articles get read over a million times and go viral, no increase in likes? Not even a hundred new likes out of a million views? The viewers like the content but not the page? I don't buy it.
  4. They are being a bit excessive on the Jussie Smollett case, but my question is why? I'm no fan of any agenda supporting the LGBT movement but 48 years for filing a false police report is beyond overboard. It makes me question is there is an agenda against black celebs or what with all that is making headlines recently. SOURCE - https://www.unilad.co.uk/news/jussie-smollett-could-face-48-years-in-prison-after-sixteen-felony-counts-charges/ ABC Empire actor Jussie Smollett could be facing up to 48 years in prison after being hit with an additional 15 counts of filing a false police report. Smollett was hit with the 15 additional felony disorderly conduct charges by a grand jury on March 7. He may also be forced to pay a fine of up to $400,000. The 36-year-old actor had already been charged with one Class 4 Felony charge of disorderly conduct in February, which could have meant a three year prison sentence plus a $25,000 fine. As reported by ABC News, the indictment was confirmed by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. Smollett’s attorney, Mark Geragos, released the following statement: The fact of an indictment is not unexpected. We knew that there is no way they would expose their evidence to a public airing and subject their witnesses to cross-examination. What is unexpected however, is the prosecutorial overkill in charging 16 separate counts against Jussie. This redundant and vindictive indictment is nothing more than a desperate attempt to make headlines in order to distract from the internal investigation launched to investigate the outrageous leaking of false information by the Chicago Police Department and the shameless and illegal invasion of Jussie’s privacy in tampering with his medical records. Jussie adamantly maintains his innocence even if law enforcement has robbed him of that presumption. Smollett has denied the charges, and will be returning to court in Chicago next week (beginning March 11). On March 14, he will face the charges in court. It is anticipated Smollett will cut a plea deal with authorities. Smollett told authorities he had been attacked on January 29, by two men who were ‘yelling out racial and homophobic slurs’. Smollett said one of the attackers had put a rope around his neck, and had poured some sort of chemical substance on him. Police believe Smollett had paid two men to carry out the alleged assault on him.
  5. @Chevdove I looked past it because I wanted to give the black man another chance and I was hoping that movement was just a tactic to get elected. I had no idea that movement would replace the black voice or even compete with it. I was conflicted in voting for him but he was the best candidate and I admit, I only voted for him the second time because he was black. I am guilty as charged. I admit, it was a foolish decision. You would think Trump would have tried to reverse that the way he is reversing everything else sellout Obama did. I agree wholeheartedly with that. That is, after all, the purpose of its existence. Everyone is a slave to something. I feel that we should make wealth our religion and practice it by wealth building. We need to create cash flow among ourselves and get paid! I wonder if black people would cooperate with such a system if it was created just to empower them.
  6. I think hairstyles are cool. I do not oppose black people wearing hairstyles. I personally think that hair hats are silly for the most part. Unless someone has a sickness or disease that prevents their hair from growing naturally, it's totally uncalled for. Hair hats are odd because you are normally supposed to take hats off, not keep them on forever. Then there is the health issues of wearing these hair hats. It's dirty and unclean because many who wear these weaves don't remove it to wash their actual hair. Sometimes when the hair hats are removed, there are all kinds of stuff living in that hair and on the scalp. We are not talking about women who wear weaves once in a while to enjoy a new trendy style... we are talking about women who wear hair hats for most of their lives while ignoring their natural hair. That's not sane. That's not clean. Sometimes, it's actually disgusting.
  7. @Delano Sorry brotha, I took that statement to mirror what Troy stated. I apologize if I read your statement incorrectly. I took it to mean that you were saying the children can't be our last hope because they weren't qualified or "woke" enough.
  8. R Kelly is a distraction. So was Bill Cosby. So will the next black man they take down. Understand, whether these people are actually guilty or not has nothing to do with them being taken down. They have been guilty for decades. But think about it, Elvis Presley's Hollywood Star is still intact. He's still the king according to them. Yet, Michael Jackson JUST died and even Oprah is on the plan to assassinate his character - after he gave her the interview of her career. Now we have a #MeToo movement that popped up out of nowhere to go after black celebrities in particular. Of course they will target others but the main headlines will always be black celebrities. R Kelly scandal is so much deeper than R Kelly. So was Bill Cosby. You can think I am reaching but I am certain that they will be digging like crazy to get something on Stevie Wonder. The black community is played with this entire story. One thing white people did before we even knew who they were was to study us. They watched and they observed. Not because we were civilizing them, but they were taking note of our weaknesses and finding out how to systematically turn us into their slaves and bedwenches. Once again, black people are being studied. R Kelly is a social experiment gone viral. He was purposely chosen. He fit the criteria to empower their agenda against black people. Whether you feel that R Kelly is guilty, innocent or it shouldn't matter, black people are deciding. Black people are making a decision and choosing a side. this is supplying certain individuals with powerful information on the black community. Are black people collectively more likely to support pedophilia or will they actively participate in degenerating their own? Notes are being taken and behavior is being collected and observed. Meanwhile, your government is doing... ?
  9. @Cynique I hear you sista, yet, when white people replicate the hair they were born with, it's perfectly fashionable. I suppose that is because we perceive white as normalized but if we attach ourselves to our own perception of beauty, then that ain't nothing but rebellious. I just see a flaw in our behavior that we can quickly adapt to what they hold and value as beautiful but when we think for ourselves and make decisions for ourselves, we are being pro black extremists. It doesn't make me happy these days when black people get into office. I think this is something that should work in our benefit but we usually end up with a Clarence Thomas or Barack Obama. I remember having an argument with my father when Barack got elected. My dad said he would sell out black people and I argued that he at least deserves a chance. I foolishly voted for Barack the 2nd election because I felt maybe this time he could have some type of meaningful impact as far as black people were concerned. Admitting, I only voted for Obama because he appeared black. That is a mistake I am not going to make again. I believe that black people play such a weak role in politics, that collectively, the black vote doesn't really count for much. No one caters to black people. Our politicians have realized that all they have to do is sell black people a dream and they will get our votes. These women seem to be campaigning for the same thing our civil rights leaders from the 60's were fighting for, which is inclusion. To me, fighting for inclusion is pointless. White people will include black people when they are ready and no matter how much black people plead, they won't include us before they are ready to do so (If they ever get ready). Also, I would never support a candidate who supports the LBGT or any other of the various forms of white supremacy. @Troy I understand where you and @Delano are coming from when you say they are the least woke. Social media is a powerful thing and it's very telling. In my lifetime, I can't remember black people being more awake than they are right now. It may seem pessimistic to say that but I don't ever remember black people being this "woke." In the 80's we almost put Ebony magazine out of business because they showed us a picture of a Black Jesus. Martin Luther King Jr. pushed for integration until he realized his mistake (I give him credit for realizing the faulty thinking of his religious beliefs) and Malcolm X died a Muslim and called the Arabs his brothers and sisters. In the 90's it was still considered a sin to not be some form of either christian or muslim. I believe we are slowly getting past this low level of thinking. I wouldn't say this was the least woke generation. I think I have been able to observe black people beginning to think for themselves and at least that's some type of progress. Everyone is on this new reparations thing now which I don't believe we should accept even if they offered it to us which I believe they may do soon enough just to close down that argument. Whatever they do give us, they will get back 80 percent of it within that same year I am certain. Also, whatever they give won't even cover a percentage of the money that they truly owe us. You just answered your question to me about my pessimism. But I don't think I am pessimistic. I believe black behavior needs to change. I think black people are too easily led by people who mean us harm. I see hope for us but our agenda has to change. I find myself caring less about his-story and more about how we can influence ourselves and our communities economically. The mighty dollar is supreme and gets worshiped by everyone. Money is also a symbol of power. If you tell black people they are gods and goddesses or kings and queens, then everyone else laughs. But if you create an economic base that empowers them, you become everyone's enemy. Black Wall Street is the only time in the history of Black people that we were so much of a threat that a bomb was used on us! Any other time they would rather tie us together and push us off of a cliff. Ironically, when you try to uplift black people, even black people will oppose you. I believe this is due to programmed recessive genes passed down from slavery and perhaps before slavery. @Troy I am a father of a beautiful Black son. He is on my social network platform. @Cynique Actually, when I am out and about, I am always surprised of the attention I get from white people concerning my hair. Even more astonishingly, white folks actually seem to embrace black people's hair more than a lot of black people do. Even though I could care less about white people embracing my hair, sometimes I actually feel like they over embrace it. I suppose that to them it's a novelty to see black people embrace their own identity without shame. They don't seem threatened by it at all for the most part. We live in a period where it's more common in our culture for black women to wear weave than wear their own natural hair. Witnessing these effects of white supremacy or as some would rather say, black inferiority, NY has now passed a law that prohibits businesses from being prejudice against black people who wear their own natural hair at work. It's funny, 2019 and we are just now passing such law. Of course I expect black people to be confused about their identity. A lost people is a group of people who are very easy to control. That's why supremacists have been successful at manipulating and controlling us for centuries.
  10. @Delano I can't stay optimistic about that brotha. If the kids are not our last hope and we truly are the last line, I don't have much faith in that because I don't have faith in my generation nor the generation before us. That would only reflect that we passed down our own inferior behavior to our children who are even more lost. At the end of the day, they will inherit our shame as a people as well as our confusion. I don't see much optimism in that. What's really scary is that everyone says this is the most woke we have ever been but I'm not sure if that's so true.
  11. I overstand that the problem black women have about their beauty is perception. These perceptions are influenced by the media. Black men are also influenced by the media. Black people have been conditioned to look down on Black people. Since colonization the black population throughout the planet has been trying to adjust themselves to hold up to a false standard of beauty - an idea that I would argue is inferior to true beauty. Ironically, the false beauty is gravitated towards. It makes perfect sense because these false standards have been beaten into our ancestors and passed down through generations. We also have to consider the fact that much of the brutality that existed during slavery has been passed down genetically. The fact that black women have gladly gravitated towards altering their image to keep up with these false standards is due to the Black man's failure to combat these ideals effectively. Black women wear weaves because Black men worship beauty that is not of them. Black women do the same but the focus must always be on the Black man. Now that some Black men are starting to wake up and understand their flaws, it's not fair or even reasonable to expect Black women to wake up all of a sudden, especially when the majority of Black men excuse the behavior because in reality, not even a Black woman wants to go against a Black woman. The only solution to this dilemma in the black community is to focus on making sure our Black children understand that they are beautiful as they are and when I refer to Black children I am not referring to mixed children. Mixed children will have other issues they need to get past. I am only focusing on genuine Black babies. The mothers need to make a special attempt to make sure these Black children experience being around other Black women who wear their hair natural. At some point, the Black community must understand how crucial it is that Black children worship and have confidence in their own form of natural beauty. When parents do the opposite, they don't really love their children and it let's the world know that it's not about what is beneficial for those children. It's about what is beneficial for the parents. And that's the problem! But when these parents transfer their own mental illness to their children, they create a repeating cycle of self hate, regardless of how they choose to describe it. As a people, we are sick and need mental help. Once we get the counseling that so many of us desperately need, then our circumstances as a group will change. As long as we don't get this help we so desperately need, nothing will change for the better. Reversing the effects of supremacy will be tricky and not an easy task. In order to reverse the effects of supremacy, Black people need to become supreme. This won't happen overnight and only our children will be somewhat capable of taking us where we need to be. Today's Black people are too clueless and don't seem capable of truly fighting the effects of white supremacy. The sad part is that if we don't instill new values and principles into our children, this discussion will happen again 40-50 years from now with no real change. The only way to break the cycle is through our children. They are our last hope.
  12. @Cynique The house person was also the least likely to oppose his "massah" or run away. That doesn't fit me. I am a hustler by nature but not in the streets. I am fortunate as a black man and live in a peaceful environment. The apology comes from a sincere place. I understand how my people have been psychologically attacked and pit against each other. I never want to come off as an enforcer of these principles or beliefs. I never want to make a black person feel bad about being black.
  13. @Cynique I think that's an emotional driven observation, however, you have a right to your opinion. Though I'd prefer that if I am going to be called a nigga - which I detest vehemently, please call me a field nigga. lol I always thought the house person held white people to the highest regard. This is where the confusion sets in. I thought the house person is the one who would defend massah any chance they get and knew the dominate relationship that existed between them and 'massah.' I don't feel like that describes my views. The reason I am presenting these ideas is to engage with my people on black social media. At the end of the day, we are all content creators. There is nothing ambiguous about my beliefs, however, I do struggle sometimes trying to present my case in a way as though I don't accidentally offend anyone. That's not why I am here. Being around so many well-spoken individuals, I don't want to come off as abrasive. I think we are all people at the end of the day. I don't hate anyone because that's not of my nature. I don't believe it is of my people's nature to hate - only respond to the hate that the world has shown us and keeps showing us. Love ya queen and thank you.
  14. @Delano It's just contradictory to certain key words that have been splashed around to define white men. Some words I will reflect on are words like "superior" and "strong." On a post about acknowledging the beauty of black women. LOL If these beliefs were true then certainly I wouldn't be able to scare him off. Wouldn't that be more like "weak" or "inferior" if the man runs away from opposition? That doesn't sound like the confident and supreme behavior I've been reading about them on the posts that have been used to describe them to me. But I actually felt I went easy on the dude. If I was able to scare him away so easily, what does that say about him? It also would have been silly for him to oppose the topic and not expect opposition. A "superior" person would know better... lol So if this guy is a real person and not a troll who is claiming his supremacy among certain types of black women, then I am sure I didn't scare him away. I am sure our ancestors said the same thing brotha. But the universe is fair and for every action there is a reaction.
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