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  1. Yes, Troy, the '60s was a l-o-n-g time ago. My first assignment at Jet was a fluff piece: To your point, black mags and black colleges share the same fate for the most part, finding it hard to survive. What we really need in the era of Trump is a political mag for blacks that provide background info (context) to show how actions by Congress and the Administration will impact the black community. Should be a mag that's easy to read-- like Jet. Do you know of such a pub today? Just got off Twitter. What's up with Kanye. He just said 400 years of slavery was a choice. I'd contribute money
  2. I like "I Miss You,"Melica. I caught the rhythm about half way thru and it pulled me right in.
  3. Evangelicals supporting Trump makes me think they don't believe in God. My Bible says Satan is the father of lies. The best practitioner I know is Trump.
  4. Hi, Troy, Thanks for asking about the magazine. It was basically a one-person operation, and I wasn't good at getting ads (just one ad the whole time). And some pastors thought I was honing in on their territory. As for Jet magazine, I worked there in 1966-67. We did original interviews but the mainstay was rewriting/summarizing articles from the main press for a black audience. Now, what else-- no, I don't have a web page (little too advanced for me. Don't forget, I'm a retiree; I'm still learning my way around the Internet. Yes, you do get my poem. Don't overthink it. It's a metap
  5. Hello. everybody! I'm a first-time indie author, and my book, I'll Take You there, is available on Amazon (published April 2018): The book is a quick read-- 80 pages (soft cover) with 50 poems. I’ll Take You There is about butterflies and bugs, relationships, choices, and growing old. It’s about familiar things imagined in new ways and unspeakable things given voice. The poems are pithy and layered, infused with plain talk, and deal with a myriad of personal and topical issues, not least among them, racism, which is dealt with in each of the four sections of the book (Discovery; Snapshot
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