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  1. I wrote a blog post about 5 uplifting novels to read during the time of COVID-19. Obviously, we all need to be inform and stay safe while dealing with the virus. However, I do believe reading some good uplifting novels is needed as well. My blog post features non-Black authors but I would like to get some black author recommendations as well. Please recommend your favorite uplifting novels.
  2. I'm currently reading Paradise by Toni Morrison. I'm about halfway through it and this is my third time reading a Morrison novel (Jazz and Song of Solomon) are the other two books I've read by her. Morrison makes you work as a reader and you have to pay attention closely. I will share a full review when I finish.
  3. I was made aware of this site a couple of years ago. I'm an indie author with four books published and trying to learn how to make it a viable business. I will begin to visit this site more going forward. However, I do believe the conversations I have read on the forums have not made want to jump and type a post. I love to talk about reading fiction and power of stories in one's life. I like to talk the business of publishing as well. I don't have any big reasons why I don't post more on this site. I will have to make a better effort.
  4. As a published author of 5 books, I did not know about this Literary Chitlin Circuit. I want to participate on this circuit in 2020. Thanks for posting about this.
  5. I would like to request a review for my latest fantasy novel, Diondray's Roundabout, set in the world of Kammbia. Author's Name: Marion Hill Book Title: Diondray's Roundabout (Kammbia #3) Publication Date: March 18th, 2019 ISBN: 978-0998761244 Synopsis: Could he be wrong? When Diondray Azur first discovered the sacred Book of Kammbi, he struggled to believe where his destiny might be leading him. The ancient book foretold of a descendant who would come from one of the greatest leaders in the history of Kammbia, and bring about a restoration of
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