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Found 1 result

  1. Don't sit down on THIS MESSAGE! Literacise™ Library Exhibit based on the book "Jonathan & His Mommy" Irene Smalls is an award-winning children's author. Her program, Literacy+Exercise=Literacise™, is competing in the Childhood Obesity Challenge. Literacise™ connects books, the brain and body with book-based exercises to fight childhood obesity. Help educate children, fight childhood obesity and do something good for yourself with just a flick of your finger. Vote for Literacise™. Voting is easy as 1 - 2 - 3. Click http://ajpmchallenge...ns/entry/id/104 to register to vote. Look to the upper right for the colored Login/Sign Up banner. Click there. To sign up: type in your first name, last name, your email and choose a password. You will receive a confirming email in your email mailbox to activate your account to login Click on the Obesity Challenge website in that email. Click the colored login/signup banner on the upper right. Type your email & password. Go to page six (p.6) in the Obesity Challenge Submission Gallery. Literacise™ is in the middle column, 3rd row. Or, click on the Literacise™ link http://ajpmchallenge...ns/entry/id/104 to login & vote.If you have trouble voting call 617 504-3050. Here's the health tip. Too much sitting is bad for health! So stand up! Researchers have found that prolonged sitting is linked to obesity, heart disease, weaker leg muscles, Type-2 diabetes, insulin resistance and higher concentrations of fat in the blood. Children sit in school for up to four hours a day. Scientists say, "too much sitting reduces the ability to learn". Literacise™ breaks up all that sitting and helps kids learn. Check this Sitting video: Reading and moving! By the way, reading and clicking on the link you are Literacising. Thanks for VOTING. Don't sit down on this message share it with friends.
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