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Free Press Release Publishing For Black Authors - Limited Time Only

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The National Black Pages is currently publishing Black author press releases to promote the achievements of Black authors. If you have a press release or book synopsis that you would like published on NationalBlackPages.com, email us at info@NationalBlackPages.com. Please include a photo, info about where the book can be purchased and a link to your website.

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Thank you to all of the Black authors that published their press releases with National Black Pages.

Check out some of the recent additions:

book-cover-for-facebook-225x300.jpgLeukemia Took My Son- The Journey of a Brave Teen Named Woody and His Grieving Mother by Denise Sayles http://nationalblackpages.com/?p=1947

Generational Curses a novel by LD Hardy http://nationalblackpages.com/?p=1913

Makeda by Randall Robinson http://nationalblackpages.com/?p=1888

5 Reasons to Leave a Lover by Carolyn Moncel http://nationalblackpages.com/?p=1744

50 Years Later: Broken Ties Mended, author Melvin J. Collier http://nationalblackpages.com/?p=1740

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