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  1. The wait is over, Generational Curses is now available on paperback on Amazon!!!!
  2. Thankfully, I decided to check the blogs today or I would not have seen this for weeks possibly. If you are referencing, a paperback, it will be out in a week or so. I would love to be included in some type of dialogue when it comes to this book. That was the purpose. My email address is ldhardy@ldhardy.com, please reach out to me.
  3. MOST RECENT REVIEW.... & I GOTTA SAY, EVEN I'M HUMBLED BY IT!!!!! 5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME BOOK!!, November 9, 2011 By ttlyons - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Generational Curses (Kindle Edition) This new up and coming author has wriiten a masterpiece. The book was very captivating and commanded my attention from the beginning to the end. It took me back to my childhood and upbringing and I was able to relate to the characters in the story. If you haven't read this book yet, please give it a shot. You're definitely in for a treat. GENERATIONAL CURSES by LD Hardy STILL ONLY $2.99 http://amzn.to/p0Iz6c
  4. I am considering POD and selling ebooks from my website would be a beneficial for me (more money) but I understand that people are more interested in buying from a more recognizable name like Amazon. I do not live in one of the affiliate states but I am always interested in maximizing my earning potential!
  5. Thank you for highlighting my book and giving relatively unknown authors a chance to get some visibility!
  6. HURRY ***1 WEEK ONLY*** SALE ON "Generational Curses" a novel by LD Hardy Save 65% off ecover price of 7.99, marked down to $2.99! Sale ends 10/22/2011 Available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble STEAMY excerpt from Generational Curses a novel by LD Hardy ......I sat at the desk and opened the book but I could not concentrate on anything, except him, who I could tell from the low humming snores, had just fallen asleep. The anchors on the local news station were watching him instead. There was no denying it anymore, I was hooked and I needed him. I tried to restrain myself but I could not focus on anything I was reading, all I was doing was staring at what amounted to just letters and numbers on the page. So I closed the book and walked over to him. He was still sleeping and I watched him in this completely vulnerable, relaxed state. Standing in front of him, I slid out of my jeans and stood there for a few seconds with just my black tank and my black thong hoping he could sense I was there and wake up on his own. He still did not move. I climbed on top of him and started lightly kissing his face. His nether region woke up before he did. However, when he finally opened his eyes, I did not see surprise there, more like smug satisfaction. With both hands he grabbed the back of my head and brought my face in closer so that he could kiss me. I could feel myself dripping and I knew this time was going to be our time; I was not going to refuse him anymore. Contrary to the urgency of his kiss, he was gentle when he pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it onto the floor. Only my panties and his baggy jeans stood in the way; he then moved his tongue from my lips, to my neck. He weaved intricate tapestries on my neck with his tongue; I was grateful but longed to read those stories, all the while our bodies were learning each other’s, any awkwardness that was there quickly went away. He raked his fingertips down my back, while he sucked my breasts and I arched my back out of deep ecstasy. My fingers found his belt and I unbuckled his pants; he stopped kissing me long enough to help me pull them off. I was not ready for him to enter me just yet, so I planted kisses down his body until I came to his penis. I kissed it lightly and it got even harder. I pleasured him with my mouth and now I was ready. I stood up and pulled my panties down and allowed him to gaze upon my young, tender, wanting, flesh. I touched myself in soft, sensitive places to excite him more, and to prolong the inevitable just a bit, but mostly I wanted to show him just how he was making me feel without even touching me. My hands suddenly became his as I closed my eyes and when the aching was more than I could bear, I climbed back on his lap and took him in, slowly, inch by inch before he was completely inside of me. I moaned loudly and began to ride him, slowly but steadily. I watched him wince in sheer euphoria and it magnified my arousal. I sped up and before I knew it, I was turned on my stomach. He glided in and out all while using his legs to open me up further and squeezing my ass along the way. This world had long passed and I was in a rapturous state of delirium and fright. I could hear myself talking but the words were inaudible me. All I knew is that I wanted him inside of me forever. He rested his head on my shoulders as he continued to attack me from the back. After awhile my body grew warm and that sensation overcame me. Streaks of light flashed in front of me, I could hear a symphony in the silence, streams of rain fell from my eyes, watering my soul and giving me life. It was a seismic implosion; my body shook and my muscles tightened as If I could somehow contain that feeling or something. He then exclaimed in broken speech, “Cyn… I’m… almost… there.” If you enjoyed it, go download Generational Curses available NOW for your Kindle or Nook for the low ebook price of $2.99
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