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    I am a writer that loves to read.
  1. The wait is over, Generational Curses is now available on paperback on Amazon!!!!
  2. Thankfully, I decided to check the blogs today or I would not have seen this for weeks possibly. If you are referencing, a paperback, it will be out in a week or so. I would love to be included in some type of dialogue when it comes to this book. That was the purpose. My email address is ldhardy@ldhardy.com, please reach out to me.
  3. MOST RECENT REVIEW.... & I GOTTA SAY, EVEN I'M HUMBLED BY IT!!!!! 5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME BOOK!!, November 9, 2011 By ttlyons - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Generational Curses (Kindle Edition) This new up and coming author has wriiten a masterpiece. The book was very captivating and commanded my attention from the beginning to the end. It took me back to my childhood and upbringing and I was able to relate to the characters in the story. If you haven't read this book yet, please give it a shot. You're definitely in
  4. I am considering POD and selling ebooks from my website would be a beneficial for me (more money) but I understand that people are more interested in buying from a more recognizable name like Amazon. I do not live in one of the affiliate states but I am always interested in maximizing my earning potential!
  5. Thank you for highlighting my book and giving relatively unknown authors a chance to get some visibility!
  6. HURRY ***1 WEEK ONLY*** SALE ON "Generational Curses" a novel by LD Hardy Save 65% off ecover price of 7.99, marked down to $2.99! Sale ends 10/22/2011 Available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble STEAMY excerpt from Generational Curses a novel by LD Hardy ......I sat at the desk and opened the book but I could not concentrate on anything, except him, who I could tell from the low humming snores, had just fallen asleep. The anchors on the local news station were watching him instead. There was no denying it anymore, I was hooked and I needed him. I tried to restra
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