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Black. Quarterbacks. Super. Bowl !!!

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Black. Quarterbacks. In. The. Super. Bowl.   Black. History. Month......They. The. Sports. Talkers. Talk. More. About. Tom. Brady,Than. The. Black. Quarterbacks. In. The. Super. Bowl..Lot. Of,People. Believe. All. Tom. Brady. Super. Bowls. Were. Fixed. For,Him. To. Win......LeBron. James. The. Scoring. King. After. ,Passing. Kareem. Abdul. Jabbar.....Good. For. Him. .....NBA Trades. ,Kyrie   Irving To. Dallas. Durant. To. Phoenix. Milwaukee  Bucks ,Fan,,, .Maybe. They. Can. Win. Again.....

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50 minutes ago, Cynique said:

@ProfDWho you going for in the Super Bowl?  i don't have a favorite.  May the best team win!

Same here. No dog in the fight.


Looking forward to a great Supet Bowl game between two Black QBs.


A rising star in QB Jalen Hurts. The Eagles didn't even expect him to be the guy.


Of course, QB Patrick Mahomes has already ascended the pinnacle of the position. 


The NFL really doesn't know what to do with the narrative of Black QBs taking over the field general position.😁


The Ravens need pay QB Lamar Jackson. Stop playing with that man's money. 🤣😎

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Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator (OC) Eric Bieniemy appears to be en route to being hired as the OC of the Washington Commanders.


This will be a lateral move for OC Bieniemy who has won 2 Super Bowls with the KC  Chiefs.


Yet, every year for the past 3, OC Bieniemy has interviewed with a total of 14 NFL teams for their Head Coach (HC) vacancies and been passed over. 


To put this in perspective, Super Bowl losing Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Coordinator (DC) Jonathan Gannon and OC Shane Steichen have been hired as HCs for the Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts respectively. 


Neither Gannon nor Steichen has nearly as much experience as Bieniemy. The NFL has a glaring problem when it comes to racism. 


Ultimately, it comes down to this harsh reality...white team owners are going to hire folks that are a reflection of themselves.


Also, if 70% of the NFL players are Black, the team owners would feel more comfortable with the overseer, er, HC being one of their own. 


As an avid NFL football fan, I will always trumpet for AfroAmericans to put an investment group together and buy an NFL team whenever a franchise becomes available for sale.


Ownership is the only way to level the playing field in everything within the system of racism white supremacy. 😎

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