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Nina Simone , Malcolm X , Dwayne McDuffie

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Nina Simone's birthday is today, place in the comments a Nina Simone of your choice. My choice is further below, but is superethereal

Brother Malcolm spirit flew today, what speech or quote from him do you wish to share?

Which Milestone Comic, founded by DWayne McDuffie whose spirit flew today, is your favorite?


To Be Young Gifted and Black , from the bright uncontestable beautiful, Nina Simone



Malcolm X's Inaugural OAAU speech - Complete 

Of the purpose of the Organization of Afro American Unity, the saddest element is that, an organization that wanted to or does represent the Black American community in the entire American continent has not arrived or lived since the murder of malcolm and in succession the OAAU.



Of all the original Milestone Comic titles, the one that is purely original, is the one the fewest place at the top of the list. 

Icon/Hardware/Static are all mirrors, not clones, but mirrors. Superman/Iron Man/SpiderMan . 

But , Blood Syndicate has no mirror in DC or Marvel. This isn't a set of super powered students or strangers with a very potent benefactor, Xmen or derivatives. This isn't a gathering of heroes, avengers or justice league or justice society . This isn't a set of scientist friends, the fantastic four. They are not kids, teen titans. They are not a future group that relates to its past, the legion of superheroes. The Blood Syndicate is a group of survivors from an experiment placed upon them when they all took part of a gang battle. They are not friends. They don't have any benefactors. They are learning about themselves. They have no support or hindsight. They range in age. It is the only Milestone comic that, for me, truly is of its own. 



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