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Thoughts on MEgan from movies that move we

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Okay, @richardmurray, I may not have read with clear understanding and also, I read the article a few days before I posted so, I may need to go back and read it again. 

Anyway, I thought the creator of this theme was the author of Beloved?

So on that assumption, I thought this was to be an ethnic theme whereby the young girl was given 'a doll' that, in her mind replaced her mother, since the new 'mother' was absent. Therefore, I was thinking that the doll should be more like 'an ethnic image' of the girl and the culture. 

And yes, if I had creative control, I think it would be kind of intriguing to have a sort of 'Cruella Deville' Diva like ethnic doll character and build her to where, she could evoke a kind of 'love-hate' emotion from the readers! LOL! 


And then if it went to film, actresses like Jaque' or Jasmine Guy could probably really bring life to that kind of character. 



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