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National Geographic Article “Growing Up in East Harlem”

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https://aalbc.com/pdf/growing up in east harlem.pdf


This article was originally published in May of 1990.  The PDF file is 25 printed pages and can be leisurely read in 35 minutes.


I was raised in this community when I first read the article in the 90s it did not feel like it was my old neighborhood. It was a very limited perspective and completely ignored everything that caused the community to end up the why it did.


It was basically poverty porn to me.

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@Pioneer1 east harlem had mostly white italians and white jews, and then blacks came in and then the puerto ricans side other latin americans. HArlem before the white italians and jews waslike the hamptons, for people from southern manhattan to come and live in grand estates. Before the grand estates it was farm land or rural, connected to the bronx which was run by the bronx family as a dairy estate. 

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