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Black Parenting

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Do you all believe in beating the snot out of... I mean, spanking your child?


I don't have children(yet), but I don't trust a lot of new gen ideas that only talking to children teaches them correction. 


I believe that works with some children who have the sweetest demeanor but others, who live to cause destruction, need a more... Uh, stern lesson?


What's your opinions? 

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Every kid is different, but in general i don’t think is it necessary to whip kids. 

when i was a kid whippings were a way of life. Personally i think they did me more harm than good. 

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That's very honest of you. I resented whippings as a child. But as I got older... I still resented them. 😭 Took awhile to get over them.


But I don't remember spankings and I believe they work fine and aren't abusive like ass whippings. 


I personally believe spankings are mostly when a child is still learning how to verbalize, but that as a child ages you don't need that anymore because there are other ways to discipline they can fully understand.


Spankings are just smacks on the behind. Not hard but firm, like bopping a dog on the nose with newspaper. It indicates "no: that's bad" and after associating a spanking with a certain action a child is less likely to do it again.

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I agree, every child is different and what works with one child may not work with another.

With boys, most boys....generally at some point they must be spanked or physically punished in some way to instill the proper respect for authority in them.
Many Black boys will TEST you to see if you'll punish them or not and just to see how soft or weak you are.
Not spanking or physically disciplining or atleast threatening to physically discipline them is FAILING the test....and they'll walk all over you and lose respect for you.

If you notice, a lot of the children who DIDN'T get spanked by their parents often grew up some of the most spoiled, selfish, inconsiderate people who often KILLED their parents just to inherit their wealth.
Meanwhile the children who grew up constantly getting their tail whooped (in love ofcourse) and disciplined by their parents often grow up LOVING their parents, defending them and their spankings, and will even tell you the spankings were the reason they grew up to be successful.

The lesson to learn is, trying to be your child's "best friend" instead of being a good parent  never works.  
It doesn't make them like you more, it actually makes them lose respect and reverence for you and they often grow up resenting you for not giving them the discipline they so needed in life.

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