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Compatibility of Zodiacs

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Idk. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this.


When it comes to compatibility I find earth signs and water signs do well together and fire and wind signs do well together.


I know there are more complexities to it based on the behavior of each specific sign, and I know there are exceptions, too.


But typically, this is how I've seen it:


Earth gives water a place to release and settle, while water gives earth life and reason to be still.


Air gives fire expansion to gain more ground and fire gives air something to fan out and inspire.


On the flip side:


Earth and fire don't work well because usually earth puts out fire and its appeal while fire scorches and hurts the earth judgment.


Air and water don't match because air scatters waters tranquility and water isn't as random and spontaneous as the air.


Air and earth hurt because air breezes over earth and a settled nature while earth blocks air from reaching wherever they need be.


And fire takes water over til there is nothing left but steam and shallow feelings and water dampens the strength of fire.


The exceptions are that:


Water can keep fire from burning out of control with their antics and fire can give water more than one temperature to perceive the world at.


Air can pick up earth and bring out more adventure and earth can give air structure and a pattern to blow.


Water can travel with air and give different shape and beauty to their gusts and air can show water around and give them new places to hydrate.


Earth can give fire more body to whatever they want to achieve and fire can give earth more reason to branch out and be for different places.


Overall, people are gonna be with who they want, whether friends or lovers, and a lot of signs actually do good with those who share the same element, but when problems arise it doesn't hurt to wonder if the elements are off. 😂


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I was told by some older men NOT to tell women my Zodiac Sign.

They said it would just be an excuse some women would find not to date a man.
I found there was a lot of truth in what they said.

Some women will make entire life's decisions like who to accept a job from or who to marry or who to go into business women  all depending on what sign the person is.

What's their Sun Sign?
What's their Rising Sign?

While there is a lot of truth to REAL Astrology, the MAINSTREAM astrology that has been promoted to the public has been watered down and compromised to the point of being almost ineffective.
For one thing, it's based on GREEK Astrology.....who stole it from the Egyptians and Babylonians and corrupted it.

The Egyptians and Babylonians had more accurate Astrology where they could predict events more accurately and I believe many of the governments still use THAT Astrology instead of the watered-down versions they give to the public.


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Astrology is a really detailed classification system, that is built on correspondences and affinities.

It's like the music industry the most popular artist aren't the most talented. Althouh I would say that the popularity of Astrology will increase dramatically,in 2023 and 2024.

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@Pioneer1 Mainstream astrology is the same as all the others. lol They just utilize different symbols. The greeks, the ACTUAL GREEKS, not the fake ones we are taught about, had the same ancient information the Babylonians and the Egyptians had. They were not too different. 


The government didn't give anyone astrology. It's been passed down for generations.


You're probably an Aries.

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Lol...yes....I am an Aries.

Well, first of all the Astrology that the GOVERNMENTS around the world including the United State and the Vatican is more real and more effective than that garbage they put out for the public in the supermarkets.  Little rolled up pieced of colored paper giving you a daily reading like a fortune cookie, lol.

They use REAL Astrological methods and read the stars to determine future events.

But even what THEY haven't isn't like the original ancient Astrology that the Black people of ancient Africa and ancient India used to practice.
Ours was more authentic and effective simply because we've been around much longer.....many many millions of years....so we've been around long enough to chart the stars, planets, and see how they line up with the events in life and on the planet.

Ofcourse that got passed down to other cultures like the Greeks and Babylonians who not being original themselves ended up watering down the science and corrupting it.

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