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Translate: "Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin"

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for letting me be myself again:) beat me to it @Pioneer1

@Troy in defense, and I know this post is positive, and not meant to go where my comment will, but the Black community in the USA from the Club Women's crusade against the heritage of enslavement which includes the dialects of english black people spoke before 1865, to Zora Neale Hurston being a near lone crusader against her black artistic peers to utilizing said dialects, to the added dialects of english from black communities in the caribbean or africa coming into the usa after the immigration act and being advertised proudly in artistic mediums in specificity rap , the relationship of Black people in the usa to english and how "we spek e" is a complex issue that shows itself to all black people in the usa as it has with you in this one instance. 

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@richardmurray your comment was on topic and on point.  


It looks like that was the actually the name of the song.  I'm sure I have the CD laying around here somewhere, I guest I never read for forgot the tunes name.


Zora never saw the publication of Barracoon due to her unwillingness to change the written way the formerly enslaved African Lewis spoke.  Hurston's "translation" was readable and understandable. 


"Falettinme" seems more like being playful that an accurate representation of Black English which I one might write as "fa lettin' me."  😉




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