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Sen. Tim Scott Welcomed into GOP Race

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Senator Tim Scott has tossed his hat into the ring to run for POTUS on the GOP ticket. 


Scott was welcomed into the race by none other than former POTUS Orange Julius. Strategic move by OJ.


In addition to Scott, the GOP clown car includes Orange Julius, Ron DeStupid, Nikki Air Haley and Vivek Ritalin Ramaswamy.


They might need a bigger vehicle if former VP Mike Lfy Pence,  former Gov. Chris Cupcake Christie and NH Gov. Chris Schmooze Sununu toss their sombreros into the ring as well. 


Orange Julius knows that neither Tim Scott nor most of the field of dreamers really stands a chance of getting the GOP nomination.


DeStupid is probably the strongest opponent to Orange Julius but he's lacking personality and brain power. 


Some folks believe Tim Scott is really running for VP or some other cabinet level appointment. Another uncle Ben Carson.😎

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You're right, Tim Scott....like DeSanitized....KNOWS he's not going to be President.
The nigga won't even get the Republican nomination, lol.

Everyone of them has a job....a role to play to help Trump.

Tim Scotts role is to galvanize as many Black voters as he can.
Especially NON-REPUBLICAN Black voters....and deliver them to Trump after he drops out of the race.
Most Black Republicans ain't voting for another Black man anyway, and he knows this.
He's going after the GENERAL Black population who are fed up with the lies and bullshit from the Democrat party.
After he gets as many of THEM as he can, he'll duck out and deliver them to Trump with  big bow and ribbon.





Haley will do the same thing with the women who vote Republican.

DeSantis' role is to play the EXTREMIST FOOL.
His job is to be SO crazy, SO nutty, SO outrageously racist and right-wing that any Republican with good sense will choose Trump who is the more "sensible" of the two.

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