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My name is Bobbi Simmons, and I am the author of my first children's book, Soil Sisters Magical Garden Adventure: Savoring the Soul of Mother Earth. It was a project co-written with my husband, Thomas. I am very interested in getting a book review. Soil Sisters Magical Garden Adventure takes the reader on a magical generational journey of discovering the beauty and richness of savoring the soul of Mother Earth. Summer and Autumn are two sisters who love to play in the dirt and watch things grow. They decide to use their green thumbs to help their community by creating a magical garden filled with fruits, vegetables, and flowers. With the help of their family and friends, the girls learn about the importance of cultivation and how to care for their garden. Along the way, they encounter Mother Earth herself who provides the push that the girls need to keep going! Will their garden be a success and help their community flourish back to what it once was? Join the Soil Sisters on their magical garden adventures to find out! 


Book details:

Publisher: BlackGold Publishing (May 1, 2023)

Paperback: 39 pages

ISBN-10: 1953130267

ISBN-13: 978-1953130266


Book cover ss.jpg

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