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KWL Live Q&A – Sci-fi and Fantasy Roundtable featuring CJ Archer, Megan O’Russell, Kylie Quillinan and Sarah Woodbury

by kobowritinglife | Jul 6, 2023 

Sci-fi and Fantasy Roundtable featuring CJ Archer, Megan O’Russell, Kylie Quillinan and Sarah Woodbury

The Kobo Writing Life team is happy to announce our next Live Q&A on July 27th from 6:00 PM-7:00 PM EST. KWL author engagement Laura and promotions specialist Rachel will be joined by a roundtable of four amazing sci-fi and fantasy authors: CJ Archer, Megan O’Russell, Kyle Quillinan and Sarah Woodbury! Bring all of your questions about writing in these genres to this talented group and stay tuned for an amazing talk.

Hello authors!

Join us for our seventh live Q&A of the year and our second roundtable event! For this fantastic roundtable, we’re featuring four authors of the fantastical: CJ Archer, Megan O’Russell, Kyle Quillinan and Sarah Woodbury, all of whom write in the realms of fantasy and/or sci-fi. They are the authors of acclaimed series such as The Glass Library (CJ Archer), Girl of Glass (Megan O’Russell), The Amarna Age (Kylie Quillinan), The After Cilmeri Series (Sarah Woodbury) and more!

We will be discussing the following:

How these authors market SFF titles and their marketing tips

Writing inspirations and writing advice for SFF

World-building tips and tricks

Knowing your readers and your audience

Writing successful series





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My thoughts as I viewed

good evening from nyc, I am thinking about that twilight zone rod serling story, midnight sun for some reason:) 

in the youtube I don't see links in the desription to the authors work in Kobo, so please place it later or add to the chat 

and what made her into ancient kemet?

yes, NYC like most global large series has a large urban underground history 

CJ commercialism rules:) 

Question for later, what is the most underrated scifi/fantasy book by a female author? 

@Best predict I wasn't trying to be biased I am a male author but since it is a panel of women I felt it will be more interesting and I have read less female authors

Kylie will you ever write about the ptolemaic era? 

CJ leads to a great question, what has changed based on your experience, she said plot changes she handles better

is megan referring to booktok?

great answers and questions

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