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As I Listened to KWL episode 323 - the self publishing show

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1:37 There is never a better time to be a writer
ACLS survey said that the median UK author is 8,000 pounds. 
But on the other said, more readers than ever. 

3:12 Indie author revenue is trending higher. Trade paperback is fine. Get stories to readers who will enjoy them

4:25 he was traditionally published by mcmillan. 
he had two shots, no one will give him a third. 
Then two friends published some stuff digitally, and they made a little money and contacted readers. 
Then when he made more money than his day job, he cut ties and rely on his writing full time.

6:25 he waited till he made fiv eto six times more than his day job

6:59 what is the biggest change in the industry? 
When he started you could get away with a less tidy book. You have to have a cover designer. You have to have a blurb. You need it edited. You could upload a book, you have to advertise. 
No writer can find significant success absent advertising. 

8:55 what made you start self publishing formula? The community of self publishers are more welcome to sharing.
He could have kept it to himself but it wasn't altruistic. Self publishing formula is a business with emplouyees about the world. So SPF made money helping writers learn. 

11:30 You say advertising is the way to go these day? why is advertising so important these day s and your SPF starter course? 
The course is free for weeks. It's a good option to learn without taking a course without financial stakes. 
We will teach you to invest in facebook ads and how to grow readers.

13:08 Which is the main ad platform for indie authors?
Facebook, am*zon, bookbub. Which one is most important is on circumstance. 
If you are on am*zon, exclusive to am*zon, am*zon is most important. IF not, Facebook ads. 

14:45 Do you still run all your own ads? 
Yes, he has looked but he hasn't found someone to do it for him. Problem with agencies is you are another line on a spreadsheet. He is a control freak which doesn't help. He enjoys it too. He likes spreadsheets. 
... he does see great husband wife partnerships. he shared an example of a couple. It is a cool trend. 

18:08 What is a good metric for an ad, to say that it is working?
It is the turn on investment. Making more than your spending. Kobo helped in the past learn the read through rate. He has seen ads where authors have killed them but not realizing those readers were migrating to their other books through that ad. 

19:38 how often should authors check ads?
If you don't have a huge budget you want to be in their often. am*zon is based on clicks instead of impressions. It is time intensive. Once you have the factors nailed, it takes time to find the right spot. He checks a few times a day. For am*zon tweaking regularly. Facebook do the test for you these days. Facebook will find out the one that is best so it will find out. 

21:37 Chatgpt is good at advertising. 
He asked it for a facebook ad. That ad is working well for facebook. As computer program services becomes more powerful it will be great for writing. 

22:44 It can make Blurbs. Chatgpt can give a good stab. Better for a starting point than starting with a blank page.

23:16 Do you change ad tactic for audiobook as ebook?
Translations give his most ad tactic change. But Chatgpt can speak german as well. You may not know how well it emits but it can be useful. In the end, the ad format doesn't matter much across.

24:37 What is consistent across authors with failed authors?
Authors don't think ads are not when they are if you take in readership and associated purposed. and people put it tons of ads and that goes against the algorithm. Also ignoring sales , organic sales, they will have a car crash in ad data. 

26:06 Do you see some authors do a month long ad campaign and they fail cause that is all their doing?
He does an ad campaign all the time. I rather see an ad for book 1 than see the others. With ebook, the infinite backlist makes it safe to keep going. But he isn't well known so. Background residual ads can reach or do reach new people are remembered. It is on him as a writer to temp to go to the next one. 

28:09 How did the ads in the trian tube go?
He didn't pay. You can't track it. He had a life goal achieved. He will probably not doing it again. It was good for an image in social post. He has posted the image from that alot. 

29:58 the richard and judy book club is huge, how did it work? 
He has a deal with a publisher called welbeck in the united kingdom. He doesn't comprehend why publishers don't risk indie authors with a paper publishing when they have many readers plus reviews. Now he is in every store. He had another life goal. In a store chain in england. It is a sign of things in your reach. It may not be a big money deal but validation.

32:10 How important is your newsletter list in your marketing strategy? Is offering a novella for free still helping your list?
Yes. building look a like list. Focus as many avenues as readers to get the newsletters. YOu have to make it valuable to join in. 

33:38 What frequency is your newsletter?
It was a once a month. It is once a release. Bimonthly. He has taken inspiration from the romance authors who are usually better than anyone else. They can talk about something in their lives. Good to share readers yourself.

35:02 Marketing is heavily on indie authors or is building a newsletter good for publishing deals?
Yes, publishers will ask, how many people you have in your newsletters? how many followers to your spaces?

36:01 How do you balance your schedule?
Self Publishing Formula has ten people now. He doesn't have as much to do. It is delegating . He has two kids and a dog. These are all first world problems. He isn't complaigning, but it can be a juggle. 

37:37 What is next and where can authors learn more about your course?




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