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Request for a review of my debut novel The Well - the quest for eternal life

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Hello! My debut novel, The Well, will be released on October 15, 2023 by High Top Publishing. I would love to send a digital or physical copy to anyone interested in an honest review.

I was fortunate to receive a foreword by James Redfield, New York Times best-selling author of The Celestine Prophecy, who described the book as "a mythical story, paralleling the cataclysmic issues of our time." Here's the description: 


Professor Anatoly Popov, an esteemed virologist and Russian-born defector, steals the world’s deadliest virus from a US counter bio-terrorism lab. His aim–to alter its properties with the remains of an interstellar meteorite to create a Universal Cure, based upon an ancient Chinese legend. But the theft sets off a murderous clandestine multinational competition for the ultimate bioweapon.  Now with his time running out, Popov pin his hopes upon Commander Rex Lee, an ex-Seal medic and novice physician-scientist, and a desperate search mission in the Amazonian rainforest of Brazil to restore the promise of “The Well.” In doing so, Lee transforms himself from an ambitious research-focused scientist into a Master of deep spiritual insight and physical abilities. 


For more info on my work, please visit https://rchapmanwesley.com.


Thank you! 


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Hi @R. Chapman Wesley I looked around your website and I did not see how one would buy your book.  I know the book is not out yet, but you can take preorders.


As a bookseller I also looked for the book's ISBN which will help me determine if the book is available from my distributor and to retrieve the book's metadata.


I suggest that you add purchase options and the book's ISBN to the website.


Thanks for sharing information about your new book here 🙂


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