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Young black kids are immersed in anxiety and fear, empathizing with the reality of Trayvon Martin's murder. Young white kids are awed and entertained, enrapt in a movie about characters in a fantasy world. Both of these groups are paying for this; for one, it's the cost of having the black skin that traps them in a world of danger; for the other, it's the cost of a ticket to a mutiplex theater that offers them escapism.

And so it goes. Life is not fair. :huh:

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I always thought it was children's movie. I did not like a single Harry Potters Movie but I went becuase, initially I took my kids, by the the time the last one rolled around it was like a family tradition. The and the first Potter book, which was the last one, I read to my kids did nothing for me.

I'm glad I can ignore the Hunger Games franchise completely. I published a review here: http://aalbc.com/reviews/hunger_games.html

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