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Should "Mt. Rushmore" be returned to Indigenous Americans?

Returning Land to Indigenous Americans  

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  1. 1. Should Black Hills AKA "Mt. Rushmore" be returned to indigenous Americans?

    • Yes, of course! They came before Columbus! They have been treated as exiles in their own land for centuries and it is high time that things change.
    • Yes, Mt. Rushmore's being returned to the indigenous Americans would be the fair thing to do.
    • Hmm. I'm not sure. That might threaten the image of the U.S. It just might open up too many negative options for which we are simply not prepared.
    • No. What happened was wrong, but it was long ago and living in the past serves no purpose.
    • H*ll no! Over my dead red, white, & blue body, Buddy! Our forefathers fought for our freedom. Stop your b*tchin, indians..U have ur casinos!
    • NO!!!!!! All I've got to say is that if those indians don't like it here, they need to go back to A-err...errr...Well just know that my answer is NO!
    • Yes, but not for any of the reasons listed.
    • No, but not for any of the reasons listed.

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LOL Ok, ok... I added two options to the poll.

No; because this assumes America has the right to confer ownership of something that she herself does not own. I did not vote as there was no option that reflected my sentiment.

Perhaps, but the irony in this is that ownership of something that America herself does not own is the story of America. She is the gangsta land hijacker and she is the spreader of freedom and democracy. Her left hand points to reservations to tell them native Americans to get to steppin and her right hand is over her heart, pledging allegiance to the flag that is stuck in the earth (upon which she has made her slavery-powered plantation) as she says the last words with the pride of a true patriot, "With liberty and justice for all." (She's not a hypocrite; she's a schizophrenic.)

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