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Changa's Safari Volume 2: The Safari Continues!

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MVmedia releases Changa's Safari Volume 2, the second book of the four book Sword and Soul epic by author Milton J. Davis.

Fayetteville, GA, February 8, 2012 - MVmedia, the Source for Sword and Soul, releases author Milton J. Davis fourth novel, Changa's Safari Volume 2, the second book of his exciting heroic adventure series.

Changa's Safari Volume 2 continues the story of Changa's journey throughout the 15th century Spice Trade world. Volume 2 contains three engrossing adventures which bring Changa and his crew back from the Middle Kingdom to the mountains of Ethiopia. These adventures change Changa and his companions in profound ways, propelling Changa forward to his journey home and a final, life changing confrontation.

To purchase Changa's Safari Volume Two, visit MVmedia's online store at www.mvmediaatl.com. Volume 2 can also be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book outlets.

Book stores can purchase Changa's Safari Volume 2 through Ingram Distribution.

ISBN # 978-0-9800842-



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