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"Make it Plain" PBS Documentary

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Spike Lee's biopic "X" is a really good movie. It tells a great deal, but this documentary, Make it Plain tells a great deal. It deals with the evolution of Brother Malcolm in ways in which many other documentaries and/or even books have not. I believe that Bro. Malcolm's evolution has really been misrepresented purposely and otherwise.

This is one of the best documentaries that I have ever seen.

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I watched this last night. it was good. I've seen clips of this before, but never the program in its entirety. Many of the people interviews have passed away. Was that a ukelele that Farrakhan was playing? If was sad to see Malcolm's biological brothers turn on him...

It would be nice if someone would tell the rest of the story over the last 50 years. I think it would be even more telling.

Are there any serious, well done, documentaries covering Black folks nowadays? If you find any please share them.

Sonia Sanchez was cute :-)

I encourage you all to use the social icons below to share this video ad Waterstar suggests.

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Oh I will definitely share for sure.

Hmm@ ukelele. Wonder if he was singin' "Aaaabiiyo-yooo".

Yes, on a serious note, it is very sad how Bro. Malcolm was betrayed by so called brothaz, some of whom are still actively misleading the people in massive ways. Some of us do not know history to know any better. Some of us do not know better because we don't even care to know better. Govn't covert operations were so successful mainly because of the willing cooperation fueled by jealousy, envy, and zombi follow-mode.

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