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Hi Tascha,

It is your press release you can post the whole thing here, and save people from having to click:

Mother of Special Needs Child Offers Inspiration to Other Parents in New Book

Tascha L. Stith shares her personal story of raising her daughter in “How We Did It”



Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

HOUSTON – “So many children are now being born with some type of disability and parents are struggling to deal with the pain and emotions that go along with the everyday challenges of raising a disabled child,” explains Tascha L. Stith, author and mother of a special-needs child. To help give strength to other parents of children with disabilities, Stith has penned the new book, How We Did It: A Story of How a Single Mother Raised a Special-Needs Child (published by Balboa Press).

In How We Did It, Stith offers empowering words based on her own personal belief that raising a child with special needs is possible. She wants readers to realize that they were chosen by God to be their child’s parent, and that it is not a mistake, but happened by design.

An excerpt from the chapter entitled “How We Did It”:

“You just have to decide, not if it’s going to affect you, but how you’re going to keep it from affecting you, because it will. You’ll feel alone, you’ll get angry, you may even lash out; but I’m here to tell you, think about that baby! Be the best you for your child and for yourself (I wish someone had told me this, but if they had I probably would never have written this book). At the end of the day, everyone needs to be able to lay their head on their pillow and sleep. You can’t control what people do, be it friends, family, or whoever. You can only control what you do for you and your baby.”

It is Stith’s hope and conviction that her story will help those who are lost or confused about why their lives are this way. “We want everyone to know that no matter what … you can do this. You are not alone. Trust and believe that God is guiding your life and that you were chosen to be this child’s parent.”

About the Author

Tascha L. Stith is an author, entrepreneur, mother, military veteran and life coach. She loves life and embraces the gifts God has given her with a deep appreciation and understanding to live life by being “100 percent authentic.” She and her daughter reside in Houston.

Balboa Press, a division Hay House, Inc. – a leading provider in publishing products that specialize in self-help and the mind, body, and spirit genres. Through an alliance with indie book publishing leader Author Solutions, Inc., authors benefit from the leadership of Hay House Publishing and the speed-to-market advantages the self-publishing model. For more information, visit balboapress.com. To start publishing your book with Balboa Press, call 877-407-4847 today. For the latest, follow @balboapress on Twitter.


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It is so wonderful that you were able to write a book about your tribulations as well as your joys, Taschalnc. I have a feeling that it was truly inspired by your heart to express and also for the purpose of reaching back and helping others through their journey. So many brilliant children are being pushed aside systematically, ignored instead of being stimulated differently.

So often the difference between a child realizing what he or she has to offer and never realizing it is the influence that we as adults have on him/her. Not every child learns in the same way and instead of saying, "It's the cookie cutter or the highway", we as the adults around them, should want the best for each and every child and act accordingly. It is a downright lie that it all boils down to having or not having enough money to do these things. Sometimes it takes extra time and that extra time might actually be outside of school hours, but with a little less selfishness, these things that should be done can be done.

I think the attitude of the parents is so important, yet with all the negative response to that which is outside the norm, it's quite understandable how it can really get to even the best of parents sometimes. From the frustration of meetings more centered around red tape and that which is best for the system as opposed to that which is best for the children that they are supposed to be helping to a society in general that is just often hostile to anything that is not of the cookie cutter mold, it's not easy for the parents just like it is not easy for the children.

At any rate, thank you for sharing this book with us. How can it be ordered?

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Thank you. Your words have never rang more true. Some days are challenging but you never give up. I hope that I am able to reach down and help someone up. I hope that our life story will encourage another family. I really just want them to know they can do it ni matter how hard it may seem.

I don't like that most children with disabilities are pushed aside. But that's mostly because the parents don't know how to advocate and fight for them. We all have a right to learn and we all learn differently that's what makes us unique.

Thank you again for sharing. Blessings always!

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