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This is a service that I have been offering for years, but have not done very much to promote it. Domains for Authors is actually part of a much larger well known company which I can not mention because of contractual reasons.

At any rate, I resell Domain Name Registration, and Web Hosting (including very easy WordPress setup). The support is the same level of support you'd expect from any large company -- live 24x7 Telephone Support (a BIG benefit) all at very competitive pricing!

In fact, I'm my favorite customer, utilizing this service most recently for my Edit 1st Manuscript Editing Service company's website: http://edit1st.com

The easy domain name setup using Domains for Authors.com and the one click WordPress configuration allowed me to rapidly deploy a website and immediately begin generating revenue. And if you ever get stuck just call the support number and someone (in the US) will stay on the phone as long as it takes to set everything up.



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Wow sahana I so used to deleting spammy messages from this website that I can usually spot them pretty easily--even when the software designed to catch this automatically fails as in this case.


But I like your gansta :), very slick.  This ad was posted on a page related to the content.  You even made a couple of seeming innocuous posts on a couple of other pages first. 


But all of that combined including the avatar is what reveals you as someone solely interested in pushing a product.  But it was done so much better that all the others I've come across I actually not going to delete it...


I have to believe this was done by hand and not by a robot.  I wonder how much one pays for that service?


This reply really was not intended for sahana I'm sure they will never visit the site again, but this is really just to give folks a little insight into the stuff I deal with on a daily basis. There are days where I actually delete more posts from spammers than are made by regular people.


I do have to go back and look at Sahana's profile because that is also a place were spammers stuff links to all kinds of crazy sites.  I also have to stay on top of this stuff as masters like Google don't like it when you site contains controversial material.  I can't place Google ads on ThumpersCorner.com for this reason.

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Oh by the way, I discontinued Domains for Authors.com earlier this year (2014).  I barely did better than breaking even over the years, is not really related to my core brand, and it is now one less thing to be concerned with.

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