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Are interracial relationships over represented in film?

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Pioneer, as Del suggests a class in statistics, demography would be required. I'm not prepared give those classes right now, so I'm not going to give you a number. Shoot, I don't even completely understand the selection criteria you've used to draw the conclusions that Black and Italians are similar.

Honestly the comparisons you've mentioned make you sound like the eugenicists who believed Italians were closer to Black people, not fully white. Perhaps this is where the stereotype, you've embraced, started.

Del regarding sampling that would require a class too but consider the following;

The straight line defined by the points x=0, y=0 and x=3, y=4

These two samples completely describes every point on the line. This is not a proof, but maybe if can help you think about sampling in a way that appeals to you intuitively.

But our intuition is not always the best way to understand the way the world actually works. For example, on a quantum level it is not intuitive at all. None of the information we have about the way the world works in the macro world would help us on the quantum level.

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