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This was a tragedy.....anytime innocent people are killed it's a tragedy.

However Hadiyah wasn't the only innocent girl to get killed since the Newtown massacre, dozens have been killed by accident and probably on purpose since. Why the media is focusing on HER and are just now focusing on the gang problem in Chicago is very suspicious to me.

I look at this constant dissing of Chicago and "the gang bangers in the hood" along with the media posting so many videos of Black men engaging in criminal acts like that beating in Jersey and I see an agenda being formulated.

"Black on Black crime" is only a small part of the problem.

White people engage in the same behavior with eachother when put under the same circumstances.

The real problems are poverty and lack of adequate law enforcement.

Social scientists KNOW what causes increased robberies, assaults, and murders...they know.

You take away the ability of the "average" person to make a living for themselves in a given community, dump those suffering from mental illnesses in that same community, and deplete the police department of officers and you have a skyrocketing violent crime rate.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out WHAT is going on, the question is WHY?

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If you can't figure out why what you claim is happening, Pioneer, then maybe you don't know what you're talking about. Believe me, the black people in Chicago, who have been contending with gang violence for years are glad to have attention called to the accelerated killings of innocent children that are going on in the streets of its inner city. Hadiya became the face of this carnage and if focusing on her by the media is what it took to expose this disatrous situation to the nation, then so be it. She did everything right, but became the victim of her own kind. Black on black crime? You damned right. The 2 young gang bangers who were arrested for her killing looked enough like her to be her brothers. It has become a blatant case of us again us.Why should it be swept under the rug?  In the  white suburbs throughout Illinois, dysfunctional white kids may be committing suicide and bullying each other and popping pills and suffering from eating disorders but there is no widespread  gang activity resulting in daily white-on-white killiings. 
As for the white city fathers, they are embarrassed by Chicago's violent reputation and are not thrilled about the bad publicity and nobody wants the dangerous gang activity to go away more than they. Are they part of a conspiracy to keep black folks down? Only if you can blame the bad economy on them.
Black cops raise legitimate questions as to whether deploying more police is the answer because cops can't be everywhere at once and this is what would be required to deal with the random indiscriminate killings. Yes, everybody concedes that the schools are at fault but black teachers say they can't teach because of disciplinary problems. Then there are the apologists who are in denial about the role home training plays in the situation. All these unstable black households headed up by single women are a major contribution to the killings being committed by black youths who have embraced the gang lifestyle in order to fill the void in their lives.
The situation is out of control and there is no viable solution. There's enough blame to go around.
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I believe this to be much more of a factor, "...unstable black households headed up by single women are a major contribution to the killings..." than a bad economy.  At bad economy is fuel on a fire already raging.


There are poor people all over planet Earth -- including poor white ones right here in the good ole US of A but white folks are not killing each other to the same extent.

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Ofcourse there's poverty all over the planet and there is violence in most of these places!

You go to some parts of Asia and Central America where people are living in dire poverty and people fight and kill eachother to such an extent it makes the gangwars in Los Angeles look like a child's game of cops-n-robbers. Violence is so pervasive in some parts of the world that they see dead bodies laying in the street and people ignore them. So it's not just an American or AfroAmerican problem.

The media CHOOSES to call the violence in the innercity senseless....as if the millions slaughtered in Vietnam or Bosnia made sense.
Violence is violence regardless of the reason.

But my point is gun violence is a problem all over America, not just Black neighborhoods.

I stayed in the Pacific Northwest for years and one of the reasons I first moved there was trying to get away from a mostly Black crime ridden Detroit. To my suprise I found pockets of all White neighborhoods scattered all along the coast and in the mountains where poor and mentally ill White people in trailer parks and raggedy houses were drunk and high on meth blowing eachother away.  But because this doesn't get national coverage like Black violence often does, I didn't know about it until I actually moved to the Pacific Northwest.

I don't have a problem with people focusing on Black violence if they're going to offer SOLUTIONS to the problem.
But to just point out every single murder Black people committed or every 36 hours you come up with some videos off of Youtube showing Black folks beating eachother out of their clothes to me is almost like racist propaganda like what was done to the Jews by the Nazis.

My other concern is while the President may sincerely be concerned with reducing gun violence all over America.......
Because of the organized pushback he and other Democrats have been getting from right-wing groups like the NRA, he may decide to concentrate the majority of his focus on a group that he figure wouldn't give him so much resistance which would be innercity Black youth. This in turn would distort the problem to where you're focusing on just symptoms rather than the causes of the problem itself.

You can see the focus shifting already.......
Instead of focusing on gun control, treating mental illnesses/addictions, and reducing poverty........ which would have broadbased effectiveness in every community in America.

They're starting to focus on innercity gangs and whether or not to introduce random pat-down search laws or armed guards in schools which are Band-Aid solutions.

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Agreed the media distorts the problems.  Dealing with guns in America will be treated as if it is solely an inner city Black problem (as the war on drugs is today).


Black folks will suffer the brunt of the consequences of enforcement, serve stiffer sentences for smaller infractions. 


But that still does not change the fact that far too many Black people are killing other Black people.  Media attention or not, the problem needs to be dealt with.  The solutions are not politically correct or viable and therefore this problem will not be resolved by the government.

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Always blaming the media and racism for problems just provides excuses for not analysing them.  The powerful, white-funded NRA is actually who "the media" focuses on when it comes to foes of gun control. Furthermore, the media publicizes sensational mass murders comitted by white sociopaths as much as it does drive-by shooting by gangs. Concern for violence fueled by guns is not restricted to any one segment of the population,  And there are just as many black gun owners who are against the government taking away their weapons as there are white ones.  The right to own a gun  is a personal philosophy that differs from individual to individual. It's not a black or white thing. 

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But that still does not change the fact that far too many Black people are killing other Black people. Media attention or not, the problem needs to be dealt with. The solutions are not politically correct or viable and therefore this problem will not be resolved by the government.

I'm going to say (post) something that you may find rather disagreeable to digest at first but it's going to be in the back of your mind and you'll remember it everytime you see a Black man in cuffs or behind bars.

Based on my observations of having lived in various regions of and traveled to most parts of this great nation......White people DO NOT KNOW how to properly manage Black/Brown people nor do they know how to maintain law and order in Black/Brown communities.
The only thing they know how to do is lock-up and warehouse people.

Just like they don't know how to properly teach Black/Brown children; and because they can't they often end up frustrated and give up on them which explains the poor grades and high drop out rate of Black and Brown children. But teachers with the proper skills can turn these same illiterate drop outs into geniuses. 
Infact there's a school somewhere in Chicago founded by a Black woman dedicated to teaching little Black children where 4 and 5 year olds are reading Shakespear!

This goes back to my belief that we are living in a society that wasn't designed by or for our success.

The violence and crime in the Black community will stop when intelligent positive Black men stand up and decide to end it. Only Black men can properly and effectively handle other Black men because we know eachother like no one else does. We know when a brother is decent but is just stressed out and having a bad day from when a Black man who is just no damn good and needs to be locked up.  We know one who just wants to act a fool and get locked up to get a meal and a warm bed because he's too lazy to work from and probably needs  a good ass whooping.

You mentioned the Nation of Islam in another thread, but they are a prime example of what Black men can do in the community when they collectively put their foot down and decide to.








Always blaming the media and racism for problems just provides excuses for not analysing them. The powerful, white-funded NRA is actually who "the media" focuses on when it comes to foes of gun control. Furthermore, the media publicizes sensational mass murders comitted by white sociopaths as much as it does drive-by shooting by gangs.

You can't blame everything on the media, but you must admit that there is clearly a difference in coverage between White victims/perpertraors of violence and Black victims/perpetrators.

The mainstream media seems to "humanize" both the victims and perps more when they're White.
Usually the White killer's background is examined, his childhood and baby pictures are shown, and his mental health records or addictions are constantly brought up to make him seem like a good person who was just "sick" and didn't get the help he needed.
Where as a Black killer is ususally shown in a mugshot with his head all nappy and razor bumps all over his face.  The heinousness of his crimes are concentrated on more detail and there usually is no mention of what may have motivated his "senseless" crimes.
The only exception to this has been Chris Dorner.
The media seems to be uncharacteristically sympathetic to him.

In my opinion the entertainment industry shares some responsibility for the skyrocketing violence in the urban areas these past 30 years for their promotion of gangsta rap.b
Look at how they not only allow these rappers to come on television and even sell music that openly brags about shooting, killing, and dope dealing.

I'm familiar with freedom of speech but you still can't yell fire in a crowded theater.
Why should it be legal to rap or sing about killing somebody?

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I said that the media and the conservatives will try to put a "Black face" on gun violence and try to make it an innercity problem rather than a national problem........

Now look at this story from the Wall Street Journal


⦁ .ABC and NBC Use Blood-Soaked Chicago to Push for Gun Control, Ignore Restrictive Laws


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