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Why We Laugh: Funny Women takes an uncensored look into the lives of female comediennes


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Why We Laugh: Funny Women takes an uncensored
look into the lives of female comediennes

on Showtime TONIGHT, March 21, 2013 at 8pm EST/PST 


New York, NY (March 21, 2013) – Codeblack Films, a Lionsgate company, partners with Emmy Award winning, Tony nominated comedian Joan Rivers’ Rugby Productions, LTD produced an in-depth 90-minute documentary exploring the cultural and social journey of the female stand-up comedian titled Why We Laugh: Funny Women. 

Why We Laugh: Funny Women includes personal interviews with some of the most prominent female voices in comedy and entertainment, and is enriched by live performance footage from some of the most talented female comedians working today. Funny Women sheds light on the legacy of the female comedian and the dedication, courage and passion that is required to be successful in a male dominated stand-up comedy business.  These courageous women have broken the mold and have created a new and more inclusive landscape that expands beyond the comedy club stage.

Rivers states, "Funny Women is about the legacy that comediennes are carving out in this industry and I am happy to be part of a project that explores the huge dedication and passion that my fellow comediennes and I share for the craft. These women of comedy are outspoken, unapologetic, bold and extremely funny."

29 funny women participated in the doc and shared their personal perspectives and experiences including; Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Griffin, Lily Tomlin, Janeane Garofalo, Sandra Bernhard, Brett Butler, Kym Whitley, Holland Taylor, Merrill Markoe, Jane Leaves, Kim Wayans, Rita Rudner, Kathleen Madigan, Robin Schiff, Tig Notaro, Kathy Najimi, Amy Hill, Aisha Tyler, Sheryl Underwood and more.

Why We Laugh: Funny Women follows in the path of the critically acclaimed 2009 Sundance Film Festival documentary, Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy, which was co-written and produced by Codeblack Films’ Quincy Newell. Newell produced Funny Women along with entertainment veteran Sheila Ducksworth.

“I am thrilled to be able to bring such an important and necessary project to life,” said Sheila Ducksworth. “Funny Women not only champions the contributions of these phenomenal women, it also shines a light on so many truly fearless females who dare to speak their truths through laughter.”


Jeff Clanagan of Lionsgate’s Codeblack Films and Joan Rivers serve as Executive Producers.  Joan Rivers narrates.


Why We Laugh: Funny Women is produced and distributed by Codeblack Films and will premiere on Showtime tonight, March 21, 2013 at 8pm EST/PST. 


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