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I Am Not Sidney Poitier


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About to start reading Percival Everett's "I Am Not Sidney Poitier." I've been looking forward to this one for a while.

Has anyone heard anything more about the movie adaptation of "Erasure"? I know Angela Bassett and Courtney Vance were involved and hoped that it would move forward quickly in light of the success of "Precious." (Many think that "Push" was the inspiration for Everett's character's foray into "ghetto lit.")

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Hey Yvettep,

I have not heard anything about Everett's new book or the movie. Good looking out. Everett is a great writer (ask Thump). Or go to the old-old archieves to see what Thump had to say about him. Don't ask Google. They ain't got nothing on Thumper :-)

So, the married couple, Angela & Courtney, are involved in the making of "Erasure", uuummm. Now all they need is Oprah... or Tyler Perry. Well, maybe not Tyler but his money. I don't want to see another chick flick with the lead being played by a grandmother in drag.

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Hello All,

Yvette: I did not know that Everett had a new novel out. As Carey said, I love Everett. I think he's a genius. I had not heard anything about the Erasure movie. But, I would not hold my breathe on it. Hollywood is notorious for taking years to bringing a film to the screen.

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I finished the book last night. I loved it! Everett truly is fantastic. This book was many things at once, but what I loved most about it was the sheer absurdity of the situation, and how he thrusts you right into that absurdity with the first sentence or two. (Sort of like how Kafka does with the first sentence of "The Metamorphosis.")

Now that I've read this, I'd actually like this as a movie as much, or moreso than "Erasure." Anyway, I may do a review on my blog, but in the meantime I highly recommend it.

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