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Below is an example of how self-serving people  can use the bible to justify anything and this includes slavery  There is always some obscure verse they can come up with to reinforce their position. 







I'm so sick of the same-sex marriage controversy because Gays always want to lay guilt trips on heterosexual people as if we're the ones who are queer. But nothing will drive me into the corner of homosexuals quicker than hypocritical bible-thumping Christians who pick and choose the "sins" they want to condemn.


For all we know, Jesus may have been gay. He hung out with 12 other guys and "love thy fellow man" was a motto he lived by. :wub:    Could be why he never married... ;)


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Cynique, are you trying to go straight to hell :o


Seriously, if it were up to me the goverment would not be in the marriage business.  They add nothing to the conversation.  Indeed, they only complicate things.


It two people want to live together, share resources, and raise any kids they make or acquire why does the government need to be involved?  With a few documents same sex couples would have the same "rights" that married couple have today.


It seems as though this is really more of an effort for homosexuals to force Christians and other groups to not only accept but embrace their sexuality.


It never was clear to me homosexuals care what the Church thinks about them -- other than the extent to which Christians influence goverment policy.


People who have sex outside of marriage (inclduing many Christians) don't seem to care what the Church things, why should homo's?

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Lol.....you HOMOPHOBE !!!!


I'm not going to defined religious hypocrisy but I will say that most people recognize that just like some crimes are more serious than others, it's reasonable to believe that some SINS are more serious than others.

In most religions, fornication is not as bad as adultery and adultery isn't as bad as sodomy.


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