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Power List, Huria Search, and Google Adwords

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Book Store Database on Huria Search


Last week I updated Huria Search to take our bookstore database generate webpages for each bookstore to include a representative photos, video, social media links, website snap shot, map to the store social media links, hours of operation and more.  The book store database may be found here.


Here is an example link to a local store near Harlem: https://aalbc.com/bookstores/store.php?store_name=Sister%26rsquo%3Bs+Uptown+Bookstore


This is an attempt to capture every single Black owned independent bookstore in America.  The database currently has 113 stores.  If there are any missing stores or stores that should be removed please let me know in the comments.


I’m also working on a similar site for Black Indy book websites. Which will replace this static page: http://aalbc.com/otherwebsites.htm



The Power List & Huria Search
Editors Note: (June 2017) the standalone sites for the Power List and Huria Search were migrated to https://aalbc.com/powerlist/ and https://aalbc.com/huria/, respectively


Last week we (AALBC.com, Cushcity & Mosaicbooks) launched the Power List a national best-selling books list (http://powerlist.info).  We are making the list freely available, as long as it is properly attributed.  We actually provide code which allows people to post the list on their websites and receive automated updates: http://powerlist.info/usage-policy/using-the-power-list-on-your-site/


When visitors click on a book title or an author’s name on the Power List website a Huria Search is run.  Huria Search is a search engine specifically designed to return Black owned independent websites -- sites that are being crowded out by corporate websites in conventional search results. 


Huria Search currently indexes 114 different websites.  Many of the websites are Black physical bookstores, or the Black indy websites.  I do not include sites that focuses on a single individual (ie personal blogs, authors), and social media websites. This will make it much easier for visitors to discover our websites, the way it used to be.


Huria search can be used on any website.  If you are interested in using Huria Search on your website let me know.


Google Adwords

Google is aggressively promoting their adwords program.  This week they sent 20 coupons which allows me to give people $100 of free Google advertising if they spend $25. 


I have not done much advertising with Google, but I use their AdWords tools all the time. At any rate $100 is $100.  So you many as well take advantages of the free advertising if you have not done so before.  If you want a coupon code just email me and I’ll send you the code.


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