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Cum in My Mouth 2 by David Weaver


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The #1 African American male erotica writer returns with part 2 of his highly acclaimed tale of the professional sexual male superstar, Nolan. In this installment, Nolan shows us his vulnerable side, and learns some life-long lessons in the process. Sexy, hot, poetic, and explicit; and in the style of David Weaver, extremely unpredictable. 10,000 word short story


Excerpt from Cum In My Mouth 2: an Erotic Short Story


I positioned my head in between her thighs and kissed her clit softly.
I listened to her breathing as it thrust into rapid fire intervals—and between her breathing intervals; I kissed her clit again.
I lifted my head up and brought it back down, this time; allowing my lips to completely cover her clitoris in a manner that told her that I was claiming it.
I slowly twirled my tongue around against her lower tongue--- my mouth a spiraling tornado against her three dimensional cylinder. I sucked her pussy chicken noodle soup style. I acted as if I was sick and it was the only thing in the universe that could cure me. I slurped her chicken noodle soup until the broth was covering every oral facial hair that I owned.
I had a milk mustache and milk goatee to match. And with no milk present.




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Why did reading this excerpt make me laugh??  I think because the only reaction it inspired in me was an urge to critique the writing style which with its belabored metaphors struck me as amateurish.   But - what does an over the hill broad like me know? Reading a couple of Zane books doesn't make me an expert.   Obviously there is an audience for people who want to have sexual activity described to them even if the effect can be more about corniness than horniness. <_<  


Reminds me of how Freud droned on and on for years deconstructing the sexuality of women until finally feminist voices came forward and challenged his undisputed studies. They insisted It was presumptuous of him to tell females how they felt.  <_<


For a quick fix, women can probably get adequately turned on by reading what the ads for vibrators promise. That's because these blurbs stimulate the imagination!  Out of curiosity, I once attended a sex toy party hosted by a friend. On display for purchase were a varied assortment of vibrators designed to fly you to the moon.  You never saw a room full of more excited women, uncrossing their legs, giggling and nudging each other, eyes aglow, everyone full of anticipation as they picked out their weapons of choice.  Men and erotica were the last things on their minds. They were seeking what guanteed sensual pleasure.  :rolleyes:


Did I make a purchase? Yes, I felt obligated to buy something. And I thought my husband would be amused.


Women are peculiar unpredictable sexual beings. Their brain is their sex organ; they give sex to get love.   Cuddling fills the needs of some, others want to be talked dirty to.  Many, no doubt, want to read books that romanticize sex.The formulaic "showing instead of telling" style of writing could apply here. But maybe not.  Simulating sex with words takes as much skill as being a good lover. Anybody can verbalize titillating the clitoris. A vaginal orgasm is beyond words. :o


Men? they're too much about the ego phallic symbol as this country prepares to ejaculate missiles into Syria's coochie to show Russia that America has a bigger penis and is more potent.  :angry:

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Actually I was trying ti figure out how I missed Cum in My Mouth 1. 


It is hard to image the US will engage Syria.  It is funny how the Brits decided to sit this one out learning from the last time they followed America into war....

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Cynique interesting I was struck by the fact that explosions in action movies are male orgasms. I forgot who said it,I think it was a woman, "Violence is the new sex"

As an aside typing "violence is the new sex, turned up four pages of mostly the same links. A net can save you from falling. A web is meant to capture prey.

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